Factors That Make Travelling Not Just A Hobby but A Way of Life

Factors That Make Travelling Not Just A Hobby but A Way of Life

When people meet up in social circles or when one is updating their curriculum vitae, travelling is a common word under the hobby section. A lot of do love travelling and when not stuck doing serious things, they would rather be out travelling. 

Travelling as a hobby is not inclined to any age but many people across all ages. 

6 Factors That Make Travelling Not Just A Hobby but A Way of Life

To many people, travelling Is seemingly just a hobby but if keenly looked into, it is not just a hobby but a way of life. This article will highlight six factors that make travelling not just a hobby but a way of life. 

A wealth of knowledge

Travelling is appealing to the eyes but also allows one gain a lot of wisdom when at it. Take for instance when one is travelling out to an animal park or a museum. One will get exposed to animals or things that they never knew of in their past. 

It is a thrilling experience that one does not get just to read but experience first-hand. A lot of knowledge is attained when travelling. Instances where people travel on behalf of offices or schools, information that is tapped from the travelling experience can be shared to the people that did not travel easily and they will feel they took part in it.

You will surprise yourself 

Sometimes people think they knew themselves or understand who they are until they come out of their localities and learn more of who they really are. When one learns of knew things about themselves that they hardly knew of, they surprise themselves and will go back to their normal lives knowing a new thing about who they really are.

A booster shot to your energy 

One reason that people take time and travel out of their normal serene areas is to boost their energy. Work may be too much, day in day out one is tired and on getting home one has to find time to be with family. 

Travelling hence to zones that are relaxing such as the Bali beach resort where one can go diving or swimming would relieve one of all the exhaustion they have accumulated in their bodies. 

Gives you an opportunity to make friends out 

The saying that goes as “Show me who you are friends are, I will tell who you are” can be clearly defined through one getting friends from the various travelling experiences one has had. A lot of exposure is gained when one travels, one gets a lot of people in the various places they travel to. Meeting people through travelling when on vacations, a weekend out or when remote working is a great experience.  


Travelling gives one an open mind especially when they interact with new people. This could start in the early stages of your travelling while in the airport lobby, or your people you meet up with in the hotels one stays in while out in their vacations. 

Conversations with new people will most likely give you a diverse way of looking at life. You get to converse about stories that are going on in the world. This opens up your mind especially when one does not really take time to look into those things. 

It’s all about food

When one travels, they get to eat out, get served right from the aero planes they fly in if that is the mode of transport they are using. Food also comes by in the restaurants they book themselves in or pass by while travelling. 

Some of this food may be new to someone and hence one will get to explore a lot even through the food they are eating. 


This article discussed six factors that make travelling not just a hobby but a way of life. The six hobbies are that travelling has a wealth of knowledge, it will allow one to surprise themselves, its a booster shot to your energy, gives you an opportunity to make friends out of strangers, gives one an open mind and travelling is all about food.

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