#FreedomForTibet trends on Twitter as Tibetans celebrate Losar

New Delhi: Despite the attempts to curb freedom of expression, right to information, association and religion by the authoritarian Chinese Communist Party (CCP) in Tibet, there has been a rise in the number of voices which echo in the domestic social media.

These voices of freedom counters the government sponsored news, or in other words propaganda. With the arrival of the Lunar New Year, commonly known as Losar in Tibet and Chinese New Year in the world, these voices have gained power of their own. 

The CCP, while violating human rights, monitors the internet in its occupied territories and maintains intensive surveillance apparatus in the form of facial recognition technology and Global Positioning System (GPS) coordination in the regions, including Tibet, revealed reports of Taiwan Times. 

The government has also blocked websites run by human rights groups, foreign media, social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter and Google search engine. While the whole world is screaming for the freedom of Tibet, they are completely unaware of it. 

During the three day festival, staring from February 12 to 14, #FreedomForTibet started trending on the microblogging website. This hashtag took the first place in Twitter’ trending list on Saturday (February 13). 

One of the Twitter users wrote, “Tibet is not china. Tibetians demand freedom from communist china. FreedomForTibet.” Followed by another tweet which read, “I am no bird; and no net ensnares me: I am a free human being with an independent will. #FreedomForTibet.”

“Losar-la Tashi Delek! Happy Tibetan New Year! While celebrations might look a little different this year, we hope you all have a wonderful Losar. Our warmest and very best wishes for a happy, healthy and positive year from all of us at Tibet Relief Fund!” wrote Member of parliament, Satyadev Pachauri. 

The Losar festival marks the end of winter and start of the spring season. The day after the last day of the festival is marked as the first day of new year, as per the Tibetan calendar. On this day, the Tibetans pay obeisance to the Dalai Lama and avoid spending any money. All the members of the family come together to celebrate the festival.

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