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Maruti Suzuki Subscribe allows customers to lease a new car from the company for a specified tenure.

It’s an undeniable fact that cars have become an integral part of our daily lives. While many have the luxury of owning a personal vehicle, others must rely on alternate services like cabs or rental cars, if they have to go from point A to point B. And frankly, those are not as convenient as having a car at your disposal all the time. Even more so in today’s day and age, where we are facing a global pandemic. But what if you are not financially ready to own a new car? Or, what if you like moving cities and do not want the hassle of owning a vehicle that’s registered to one location? Well, fret not, because there is an easy, smart and hassle-free solution called – Maruti Suzuki Subscribe.

What Is It?

Maruti Suzuki Subscribe is a meticulously designed car subscription programme that allows customers to lease a brand-new vehicle from the company for a specified tenure. In fact, the company is one of the first mainstream automakers to introduce a car subscription model in India during the lockdown, mainly to offers customers easy access to personal mobility. This shows how Maruti Suzuki India, has always been bringing in new solutions, to address the evolving needs of its consumers. The programme allows you to choose your desired Maruti Suzuki car from a wide array of models, both from the Arena and the Nexa range; right from the Wagon R to the Ertiga, and from the Ignis to the XL6, respectively. Plus, Maruti Suzuki Subscribe is now available across all major cities in India. So, anywhere you move, there’s a Maruti Suzuki waiting for you.


Maruti Suzuki Subscribe allows you to choose your desired car from a wide array of models, both from the Arena and the Nexa range.

How Does It Work?


Well, it’s quite simple! All you need to do is visit the Maruti Suzuki Subscribe website and choose your desired Arena or Nexa branded car, and your nearest dealer will get in touch with you. Depending on your requirement, you can choose to subscribe either for a short period or the long haul, that too, just for an all-inclusive monthly subscription fee. The subscription tenure options start from as low as 12 months, however, in case you want the car for a longer period, the programme, offers the flexibility to choose between 18, 24, 30, 36, 42, and 48 months* tenure. There is also the option to choose a vehicle with black number plate, in which case the car will be registered in the name of the company, or the regular white number plate, where the car be registered in the customer’s name.


Customers will have to option to choose a car with either black number plate or white number plate, depending on their requirement.

How Economical Is It?

Well, the short answer is, A Lot! There is no need to put in a down payment, no need to pay for insurance, and no need to pay for periodic maintenance either. In fact, even roadside assistance is part of the all-inclusive monthly subscription fee, which starts from as low as ₹ 12,455 depending on the model, variant and the city. So, apart from the initial security deposit, which will be your one month’s fee, fuel is the only extra thing you’ll be paying for#.

Oh yes! The best part is you do not need to worry about reselling the car either. Once the tenure ends, you simply give the car back without any hassle. In case you still need a car, you can either renew the subscription on the same car or get a new car altogether. This means you can own a brand-new car literally every couple of years. How cool is that? And, in case you fall in love with your car, and decide to keep it forever, Maruti Suzuki allows you to buy the car as well.


With Maruti Suzuki Subscribe, there is no need to put in a down payment, no insurance payment, and no maintenance cost either, just an all-inclusive monthly fee.

What Are You Waiting For?

Given today’s economic conditions, there couldn’t be a smarter way to get a new car. By going for a subscription model you’ll be saving up on down payments, insurance and maintenance cost, plus, in several cases, the monthly subscription amount will be cheaper than the standard EMI of a car loan. So, the only question is, what are you still waiting for? Visit the Maruti Suzuki Subscribe website today and get your new car the smart way.

(*Applicable only for Black Plate Subscription. 12, 24, 36 & 48 months offered in case of White Plate Subscription. # Processing fee to be charged extra in case of White Plate Subscription.)

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