Google Searches For Games May Give a New Result: Launch it on Cloud Gaming

Google seems to have a new feature in the works for its search engine: when you look for a video game, the search results will have a “Play” button to launch it in the cloud gaming service of your choice. 

Google search is apparently offering buttons to launch games for several services, including Google Stadia, Xbox Cloud Gaming, Amazon Luna and Nvidia GeForce. The process is pretty seamless, as The Nerf Report’s Bryant Chappel, who first found the feature, demonstrated on Twitter.

You’ll still need to be logged in to each service to launch into them from search results. If you aren’t, clicking the respective ‘Play’ button will send you to a sign-up page.

The options to launch cloud gaming in search results aren’t appearing for everyone, so Google could be testing it for select users. Some who saw the buttons earlier may no longer see those options, The Verge reported, suggesting Google is actively changing access. 

Google didn’t immediately respond to a request for comment.

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