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Gujarat To Rename Dragon Fruit Kamalam; 5 Benefits Of Dragon Fruit You Must Know Of

Kamalam in Sanskrit stands for lotus.


  • Dragon fruit is a storehouse of nutrients.
  • It is low in trans-fat that makes dragon fruit perfect for weight loss.
  • It also helps manage cholesterol and promote heart health.

Dragon fruit is considered one of the most exotic fruits due to its striking pink colour and scaly dragon skin-like outer layer. And what adds on to its popularity is the pool of health benefits accredited to this tropical fruit. In recent years, dragon fruit has become quite popular among Indians too. Several people today include this fruit in their daily diet in form of salad, shakes or smoothies. Lately, it again grabbed all the limelight when Gujarat decided to rename dragon fruit ‘kamalam’.

As per reports, Gujarat government, under the leadership of Chief Minister Vijay Rupani, has decided to give a desi name to the exotic dragon fruit. ANI quoted CM Rupani explaining, “The outer shape of the fruit resembles a lotus. Hence, dragon fruit shall be renamed as Kamalam”. For the uninitiated, lotus flower is referred to as kamalam in Sanskrit.

CM Rupani also informed that they have applied for the patent of addressing dragon fruit as kamalam henceforth.

Although a major share of dragon fruit is imported from South America, several Indian states also cultivate it in a large quantity. It is low in calories, cholesterol and has several positive effects on our overall health. Without further ado, let’s find out the health benefits of dragon fruit.


5 Health Benefits Of Dragon Fruit | Why You Must Add Dragon Fruits To Your Diet:

1. Rich in antioxidants:

Dragon fruit is a potent source of antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties that helps flush out toxins from the body and prevents us from free radical damages. It also helps keep our skin young and supple.

2. Promotes weight loss:

It is low in calorie, cholesterol and trans-fat. These factors make this fruit a great option for the ones who are looking to shed some extra kilos.

3. Promotes metabolism:

Dragon fruit is rich in fibre too. It not only promotes digestion and metabolism but also helps promote heart health and manage blood pressure.

4. Manages diabetes:

Dragon fruit is a rich source of potassium – a nutrient important for people suffering from diabetes. As per an earlier study by Shiga University of Medical Science in Japan, a diet rich in potassium may help diabetics to keep up a healthy heart and kidney.


5. Boosts immunity:

Besides antioxidants, minerals and fibre, it is also loaded with vitamin C that is known to promote overall immunity and nourish you from within.

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