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High-Protein Diet: How To Make Mixed Dal Cheela For A Quick And Wholesome Breakfast (Recipe Inside)


  • Cheela is a breakfast staple for many.
  • Cheela is quick, easy and fulfilling to the core.
  • We bring a protein-rich cheela recipe that includes goodness of 5 dals.

Think cheela and it instantly reminds us of everything healthy and fuss-free. It is quick, easy and makes for a great meal to start your day with. Traditionally made with besan, cheela is light on stomach too. Cheela is one popular breakfast option for every health-conscious person across the country. In fact, if you look around, you will find multiple variations of this desi-style pancake – unique to each one’s preference. While some add oats, ragi or sooji to the batter, others like it overloaded with vegetables. Some people also like preparing cheela with just green moong. For the uninitiated, this cheela variation with green moong is also referred to as moonglet in parts of North India.

High Protein Diet: Health Benefits Of Mixed Dal Cheela:

NDTV Food brings you a variation to this moonglet recipe to make it healthier. Here’s a unique protein-packed cheela recipe that includes the benefits of 5 super nutritious dals in it – green moong, yellow moong dal, arhar dal, urad dal and chana dal. Before jumping to the recipe, let’s find out the benefits of these dals (lentils).

1. Green Moong:

A popular choice among the dieters, green moong is loaded with antioxidants, protein, fibre etc. that may help flush out the toxins and prevent free-radical damages in our body. Alongside, it may also reduce the risk of several chronic diseases.


2. Yellow Moong:

Yellow moong is a must-have if you are looking to lose some extra kilos. Enriched with several essential nutrients, yellow moong dal is known to manage diabetes, aid weight loss, improve heart health and more.

3. Arhar Dal:

Alongside protein, arhar dal is high on fibre, folic acid, B-vitamins and more. It also has a low cholesterol level, making it ideal for a heart-healthy diet.

4. Urad Dal:

Enriched with iron, urad dal is known to be an energy-booster. Besides, it has adequate amount of protein and fibre that promotes better digestion and metabolism.

5. Chana Dal:

Chana dal needs no separate introduction. It is loaded with several essential nutrients and has a positive effect on our overall health. From weight loss to managing diabetes and blood pressure – the list of chana dal benefits is really long. Include chana dal in your diet and make your eating habit a healthy affair.

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Including dal in your daily meal compensate for your lost energy. 

How To Make Mixed Dal Cheela | Mixed Dal Cheela Recipe:

Mixed dal cheela recipe is quick, simple and can help you put together a wholesome meal in just 15 minutes. Just remember, soak the five dals overnight. This process helps you save time on a busy morning.

All you need to do now is blend the soaked dal and prepare a batter with onion, tomato and few basic ingredients. Prepare thin and soft cheela out of the batter and relish it hot.

Click here for the complete recipe.


You can also add some spinach or methi leaves to the mixed dal cheela recipe to add some goodness of these winter greens.

Prepare it today and start your day with something healthy and super delicious.

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