Highly-Challenging Solitaire Games to Try at Least Once

Highly-Challenging Solitaire Games to Try at Least Once

Solitaire itself is a fun yet tough mind game. And with the virtual advancements in the online world, more and more Solitaire variations are released to check your skills. To keep you up-to-date, we’ve gathered all the highly-challenging Solitaire card games that are meant to puzzle your cognitive abilities as well as test your patience. So, are you ready to play Solitaire with some tricky twists?


Tripeaks is one of the few Solitaire games that have lesser chances of winning. Even though there are a lot of strategies to consider when playing, this game largely depends on luck. Another thing to take into account is that  is actually a combination of Pyramid and Golf Solitaire, making it more perplexing as well as more fast-paced.

Plus, the format of the cards is already intimidating to look at. Compared to the classic Solitaire, this one comes with a tableau filled with face-up cards that are arranged into three overlapping peaks. Aside from that, there will be a stock and a pile for waste cards. Because of the complex layout, it is important that you create a nice setup to complete the game. Once all cards from the stock are used and you can no longer use the available ones, then say goodbye to winning the game.


When we talk about Freecell versions with a high level of difficulty, then this game could top the list. Unlike many other Solitaire games, this one has all its cards on the tableau face up. Also, the layout includes four empty cells where you can put the cards that will be useful in the next moves. Speaking of the final goal of the game, it still requires building the four HomeCells in ascending order.

Considering the above facts, you might think that having opened cards and extra cells make the game easier. Well, you’re off the beam. Instead, this makes it more challenging because you have to calculate your moves beforehand in order to win and create more complex strategies. Always remember that critical thinking is essential when !

Algerian Patience

This Solitaire online game summons your decision-making skills. It is played with two decks of cards, and aside from the typical 4 foundation piles built from aces to kings, this one also requires you to complete 4 foundation piles from kings to aces. This means you will be dealing with two things at a time!

Some unique rules of Algerian Patience that make it even more puzzling include its strict compliance of suit sequence and more expansive card movements in an empty tableau pile. For instance, you can only sort and transfer the cards on the tableau in descending order – 10 spades, 9 spades, and so forth. If you think that’s all, you guess it wrong again. This game does not have a re-deal. Therefore, you have to be attentive with your moves, or else it will be game over. So, are you ready for a challenge?


The three above-mentioned free Solitaire games are perfectly designed to boost your cognitive awareness. So, if you’re on the hunt for some brilliant Solitaire versions that are easy to learn but difficult to win, then you’re right on cue! Just prepare yourself ahead when playing these games because you might get stuck the entire day.

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