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How Often Do You Finish Your Beauty Products?

Let’s talk empties!

You know, it really depends on the type of product it is. Skin care items, for sure. I scrape and scoop every last drop out of jars, tubes and whatnot!

For hair care, I finish most things, but not all. I like bouncing around and trying new hair stuff. With shampoo and conditioner, I get antsy really quickly, so when a bottle is mostly done, I’ll move on. Leave-in conditioners and hair styling products, though? I typically finish those, even if I don’t completely *love* something.

Makeup is a different beast, LOL! My workhorses — concealers, brow pencils and eyeliner — definitely get finished. Mascara gets finished too, and strangely enough, like hair styling products, even if I don’t completely love a mascara, I’ll still keep using it until I have to buy a new one. Weird.

I can’t remember the last time I finished a powder product like blush, eyeshadow or face powder. It’s been a minute!

How often do you finish your beauty products?

Your friendly neighborhood beauty addict,


P.S. MY FRIEND! I’m doing a dance of joy because I’m almost done with Christmas shopping! Granted, my original plan was to have everything done before December, but that’s OK, better now than next Friday, OMG!

I was Nordstrom Rack today because I recently bought this rainbow purse as a present and didn’t realize that some of the clouds were missing until I went to wrap it yesterday. I have no idea how I completely missed this critical detail, LOL!

Anyway, while I was there today exchanging the purse, I couldn’t resist this cute striped camel sweater by Tahari. It’s soft (not itchy) and comes in a bunch of colors, and it was $20! It’s adorable and should go with everything.

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