How To Avoid An Accident On A Motorcycle Trip

A motorcycle road trip is one of the best ways to see a country. It can get you well off the beaten path and allows you to see things that don’t make it into the tour guides. Seeing the landscape without anything in between you and it is an ideal way to travel and feel connected to the place.

Of course, it can also be dangerous. Driving a motorcycle is safe, but it does take some preparation and planning ahead to make sure it stays that way. Motorcycle lawyers in Phoenix are busy because of people who aren’t paying attention to motorcycle drivers.

Motorcycle accidents in and around Austin, Texas are a serious problem. These accidents can lead to extremely serious personal injuries and damages. One of the main reasons why injuries in motorcycle accidents are so serious is because motorcycle riders have very limited protection while they are on the road riding their bikes

It is a good idea to try to do your best to avoid accidents when you can regardless of how others are driving. In this article, we will go over some motorcycle defensive driving tips to keep you safe on your road trip. Motorcycle accidents in and around Austin, Texas are a serious problem. The experienced Austin motorcycle accident lawyer at TK Injury Lawyers may be able to negotiate a settlement on your behalf or litigate your motorcycle accident case through the Texas state court system to a favorable conclusion.

Plan your route

Surprises are fun for birthdays but not for motorcycle road trips. It is a good idea to plan out your route and research it. Detours or road work are not good for motorcyclists so know what is happening on your route before you get there.

Taking side roads is also best to avoid lots of traffic and intersections where the risk of getting cut off by aggressive drivers is high.

For long trips, mark stops along the way where you can get something to eat and drink and stretch your legs. The vibrations of the motorcycle cause fatigue that sets in very quickly. A well-planned route will give you opportunities that are ideal for getting off the bike and refreshing yourself.

Be seen

They say that loud pipes save lives, but that doesn’t help people to know where you are and what direction you are coming from. It is much better to be seen by other drivers.

Wear brightly colored clothes like a reflective vest that is immediately recognizable. Even during the daytime hours, a bright vest will allow drivers to spot you quickly.

A light modulator for your headlights and taillights is also something that helps you stand out when driving at night. Of course, not driving at night is the best idea when it can be avoided.

Know the weather

Riding a motorcycle is a challenge even when the conditions are perfect. Add rain or snow to the mix and it can be quite dangerous. Check the conditions before you head out on the road to make sure that you have smooth conditions for riding.

Even a light rain is dangerous as it creates slick conditions on the road. Taking a corner can be very perilous when the road is slightly wet. Even high winds are dangerous when you are on two wheels.

Cold should also be considered so wearing the proper clothing to stay comfortable on the saddle is best. Even if it seems warm enough to ride outside, it can be very cool on the motorcycle and make for a distraction when you get too cold.

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