How to Grow Your Start up Effectively

When it comes to running a startup, the road to success is dotted with potholes. With statistics suggesting that 9 in 10 small businesses are doomed to fail, opening a startup is risky. From choosing the right product or service to scaling effectively, there are many things to consider as a business owner. Here are a few effective ideas to help your startup defy statistics.

Find Your Niche

In today’s global economy, the best way to grow a startup is by finding your niche. Across the globe, consumers have wider access to services and products than ever before. This means that you are pitted against a whole world of competitors. You need to make sure that your product or service has that ‘je ne sais quoi’ that will make it stand out from the crowd in a saturated market. Your product or service should have a unique place in the market, and it should deliver a useful function to the consumer. Make sure you do market research to gain a deeper understanding of the industry so that your startup can thrive.

Create an Efficient Work Environment

Every small business owner should have a dedicated place of work where they can focus entirely on their startup. A proper workspace does not constitute any old desk, chair, and outlet, so you should not just double your living space as a home office. Dining tables and chairs were not designed to be used for long periods. After a while, you will probably experience straining in the neck and back, and your concentration will dip. At the very least, you need a proper work desk and an ergonomic chair. For efficiency, your home office should also have enough space for all of your resources and equipment and be situated in a quiet and calm area.

Increase Productivity in a Flexible Office Space

Although you may not think that your startup is big enough for an office, all businesses can benefit from a dedicated office space. Flexible office spaces provide young professionals with a collaborative, creative area to work and can increase productivity. They also help new business owners balance their home life with their careers. For a fully equipped flexible office space in London, visit

Offer Incredible Customer Service

Without consumers, your business would be nothing, and your entire brand and reputation depend on the type of service you offer your customers. Customer service is especially important for small businesses looking to grow. Provide a client with great service and they may keep you in mind and tell other people when the time is right. Provide bad customer service, and you can bet that they will shout it from the rooftops. Bad service can be detrimental to your startup. Social media platforms are a great way for consumers to contact you with any queries they may have. Update your social pages with relevant business information, and address customers as soon as they reach out to you.


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