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How To Make Masala Papad Taco Chaat, A 5-Minute Snack Without A Drop of Oil


  • Papad can be used to make tacos
  • You can roast the papad instead of frying it to save calories
  • Papad tacos are a hit with everyone

Chai time can be the best time of the day and also the most stressful one if you have unexpected guests over. It is not always possible to sneak out to get some samosas and pakoras from the local neighbourhood market, and you cannot serve tea without something to munch on. You need something crunchy, delicious and healthy. Something like this masala papad taco chaat. This super simple snack looks like desi taco and tastes divine. And that’s not even the best part of this snack. Dieters rejoice, for this snack is made without oil and a bunch of fresh veggies. Yes, that’s right! You can have it tasty and healthy. You can put it together in no time, and they are also ideal for those odd-time cravings that always manage to get the better of you.

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Masala Papad Taco Chaat Recipe:

To make these masala papad Taco chaat you would need to:

1. Roast your papad on low-medium flame, you can take help of a cloth or ladle. Roast until slightly golden.
2. Now take the papad on a towel and fold it from the centre to give it a taco shape, you’d have to do it while the papad is still slightly hot so be careful.
3. Once all your taco shells are set, keep it aside.
4. Now prepare the chaat. Take a bowl and add boiled potatoes.
5. Then add chopped onions, some finely chopped carrots, chopped tomatoes.
6. Throw in some crunchy boondis and any namkeen of your choice. Add salt for taste and chaat masala.
7. Add coriander chutney, followed it up with meethi sonth (tamarind chutney), lemon juice, some sev. Finish it off with finely chopped coriander leaves.
8. Take your papad tacos, fill it up with the chaat filling. Finish it up with sev, coriander leaves and serve.


Watch the full recipe video of Masala Papad Taco Chaat  here. Whatever you add to your chaat is optional, feel free to add or omit ingredients as per your convenience. 


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