How to Plan a Dolphin-Watching Trip to Florida

How to Plan a Dolphin-Watching Trip to Florida

Florida, fondly known as “the sunshine state,” is famous for its pristine beaches, enticing natural sceneries, and beautiful orange orchards. 

The state is a top-rated travel destination; from Sarasota, Orlando-Walt Disney World to the Everglades National Park, you will find diverse getaways to enjoy with your family.

But when you are in Florida, the one thing you should not miss out on is a blissful dolphin-watching trip at vacation spots such as Destin. You will find top full-service water sport rental companies that guarantee you the best dolphin-sighting experience. And once you decide when to see the dolphins in Florida, you can contact the consultants. 

While they take care of all aspects of your trip, you get to enjoy your time on the water. However, for the best experience, here’s how you can plan your dolphin-watching trip to Florida.

Decide the Location

In Florida, Elgin Beach Park and Henderson State Park count as some of the top locations where you will most likely spot dolphins. 

Find out the best dolphin-sighting spots in Florida and decide which ones you wish to cover. 

Leading operators offer boat rentals to renowned dolphin-sighting destinations. For instance, some rentals keep the boats within Choctawhatchee Bay for you to see glimpses of the mammals below the Destin Bridge and harbor.

Decide the Best Time to Visit

The best time to see dolphins in Florida at locations such as Destin is typically 10 in the morning to noon and two in the afternoon until sunset. 

Also, factor in beach conditions, crown events, and planned seasonal events(if any) while deciding when to see the dolphins in Florida.

Experts say that the traffic is pretty heavy during the summer months, especially during the evenings and weekends. Therefore, it is best to avoid such hours, to enjoy a peaceful trip watching the acrobatic dolphins.

Check the Weather Conditions

Starting from late spring till the end of summer, female dolphins from other regions visit Florida, particularly Destin, for mating. It makes these seasons the best for watching these mammals. However, some dolphins live in hotspots across Destin all year round, as the Emerald Coast’s waters remain warm throughout the year.

Thus, consider the weather conditions while planning the trip. Check the humidity levels and temperature variations to make an informed decision. 

According to the top rental agencies in Florida, from mid-August to mid-November, the weather is humid and hot during the early fall, with cooler evenings. But if you cannot tolerate high humidity levels, you can plan your trip for the subsequent months, when the humidity is much lower.

Bring the Essentials

Ensure you wear the proper outfit and shoes that suit a boat trip and the weather. In addition, carry other essentials, such as hats, sunscreens, and sunglasses, to protect your skin and eyes from the sun. 

But, as weather can be, at times, unpredictable in Florida, consultants suggest preparing an emergency weather bag with a rain jacket and an umbrella. 

You could also carry a pair of telephoto lenses to get a better look at the dolphins. 

Decide Your Budget

Typically, in Florida, from Memorial Day to mid-August, prices spike, and finding the best deals during the summer is not easy in areas such as Destin.

While there will be expenses, such as food, stay, and shopping, you need to ensure your dolphin-watching trip doesn’t hurt your budget. Check with the operators for the best discounts that you can get to plan your funds accordingly.

Find a Reputed Boat Rental Service

The bottlenose dolphin is the most abundant species in the Florida region. And, if you are lucky enough, you may also get glimpses of the less common Atlantic spotted dolphins.

If you wish to see these magnificent species, find a reputed operator who offers the best pontoon boat rental service. With their valuable suggestions, you can plan your trip perfectly to ensure your dolphin-watching experience is memorable for you and your family. 

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