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How To Properly Store Wine

Whether you are a business owner, wine enthusiast, or just own a few bottles of wine, then this article is for you. Wine is great. Not only does it taste great, but it also has some health benefits. For instance, wine, especially red, is rich in antioxidants which can help combat inflammation and has the potential to benefit cardiovascular health. Importantly, to keep the health benefits of wine intact and keep the wine in good quality, you need to store it properly. So, read on to learn how to properly store your wine.

Wine must be stored at the optimum temperature

If you want to properly store wine, then you must keep it at the optimal temperature. For a red wine, the ideal temperature is between 45°F and 65°F (8°C and 18°C). So, you want to make sure that your wine sits anywhere between these ranges in order to keep the wine of good quality. If you are planning on storing the wine for a long time (i.e., a year or longer), it’s recommend that you keep the wine as closest to 55°F as you can. Alternatively, if you are only planning to keep the wine for short-term storage (i.e., you plan to keep the wine for less than a year), then you can be less strict with the temperature – it still has to stay between the range listed above, but it can fluctuate between the higher and lower ends.

Wine must be stored horizontally

For optimum wine storage, you must store wine bottles horizontally as opposed to vertically. This is because storing it horizontally will help you take off the cork when you need to (it will keep the cork from drying out). Also, storing it horizontally will allow you to store more wine bottles as it is the most compact way to store them. So, if you are a collector of wine and have accumulated quite the collection, then it is good to store the bottles horizontally to optimize and free up some space. The only exception to this is sparkling wine, which is recommended to be stored vertically.

Wine must be protected from vibrations and light

Regardless of how long you plan to store the wine (days, weeks, or months), to keep the wine in its best condition, you must protect it from and prevent any UV rays from reaching it. This is because sun rays can actually damage and weaken the flavor and aroma of a wine. Also, vibration can alter and interrupt the process, allowing the wine to age by disturbing the sediments within the wine bottle.

You can attempt to store wine in all these conditions at home or by yourself, but this can be tricky. You could perhaps meet one of the criteria but may struggle to meet them all. So, for ease, you should consider going to in order to access and purchase wine storage facilities that will keep your wine in all the right conditions.


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