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How to Register for COVID-19 Vaccine Online

where can i register for a covid 19 vaccine how to sign up for a shot

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We’ve watched as the first waves of COVID-19 vaccines have been administered to frontline health workers and essential personnel, and in some states, to elderly residents. For most, actually understanding when they’re able to sign up to get a shot to protect against coronavirus risks is confusing; each state is working to model their own vaccine rollouts based on recommendations from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. But each state’s rollout, and demand, has been drastically different. Some states are already into what’s considered phase 1c, where non-medical essential workers and those above the age of 55 are able to receive a shot, whereas others haven’t gone much further than phase 1a, still vaccinating healthcare workers on the frontlines.

There are a few key vaccine rollout issues that have been made apparent in sweeping reports, including this one from Time: Namely, each state has received a limited supply for healthcare workers to handle, and coordinating a timely vaccination schedule isn’t as simple as government officials predicted. Some states are failing to communicate with local healthcare clinics and hospitals about when they’ll be able to offer a vaccine to at-risk individuals, and in states where a pre-screen or pre-registration is required to make an appointment, many websites are breaking and causing headaches for everyone involved.

Understanding when to ask for a COVID-19 vaccine is tricky enough, but knowing where to go to register for an appointment is also proving to be troublesome. Per data illustrated by Bloomberg, there are nearly 33 million Americans who have received one shot so far. But in January, President Biden’s administration began encouraging state vaccination boards to begin immunizing those above the age of 65 and those older than 16 with pre-existing conditions that put them at higher risk for COVID-19 complications. While it’s up to each state to make final decisions about who is receiving vaccines this month, that direction may have bumped you up in line sooner than you may think.

The information below has been partly sourced from local state health departments, CDC resources available to residents, and information directed at senior citizens compiled by AARP (American Association of Retired Persons). The information below is current as of February 8. We’ll continue to update this guide with new information as it becomes available, but due to the emerging nature of vaccine rollouts across the country, some of the data in this report may be out of date.

If you’re hoping to learn if you’re eligible to make an appointment for a vaccine — or, if you’re wondering where you currently fall in line for a shot — it’s best to inquire with your state directly. While it may ultimately be your primary care provider who asks you to come in for a vaccine shot, certain clinics or hospitals may not be aware of your pre-existing conditions, employment, age, or another factor that can determine your eligibility. If your state’s appointment availability is full up, don’t despair: You may still be eligible to receive a vaccine at a private clinic or pharmacy, like CVS, or even in-store locations at Walmart and local grocers. Check your state’s full list of approved vaccinators to ensure you’re aware of every option.

Below, we’re rounding up where you may be able to get clear information on getting a COVID-19 vaccine. We’ll continue to update this directory with more information as it becomes available.

Click on your state to be redirected to the most up-to-date information: AK | AL | AR | AZ | CA | CO | CT | DE | FL | GA | HI | ID | IL | IN | IA | KS | KY | LA | ME | MD | MA | MI | MN | MS | MO | MT | NE | NV | NH | NJ | NM | NY | NC | ND | OH | OK | OR | PA | RI | SC | SD | TN | TX | UT | VA | VT
WA | WV | WI | WY


  • Register here, and learn more about the state’s vaccine efforts here.
  • Hotline: 855-566-5333
  • Who’s eligible: Currently, the state is offering vaccines to healthcare workers, first responders including police and firefighters, elderly individuals above the age of 75 and those in long-term care settings. Recently, those above the age of 65 and in essential worker roles — from public transit to education — can be eligible for a vaccine, per If you’re not eligible yet, you may be able to leave contact information with the state’s hotline to be contacted when rules have been changed.



      • You can learn more about the state’s vaccine program here, and see a full map of vaccine providers here.
      • Who’s eligible: Health officials in Arkansas are working directly with pharmacies, clinicians, and hospitals to ensure patients are vaccinated. Currently, they’re prioritizing residents who are 70 and older, as well as essential employees in the education field, in addition to frontline healthcare workers, and first responders.



          • Learn more about your current eligibility for a vaccine here, and read more about state vaccines here.
          • Hotline: 833-422-4255
          • Who’s eligible: Currently, healthcare workers and long-term facility faculty and residents as well as those above the age of 65 are receiving vaccines in California. Essential workers in the education field, child care, first responders and food/agriculture workers are also eligible for a shot. Governor Gavin Newsom has told residents officials will launch an age-based registration system later this month.


            • Learn more about the state’s timeline for vaccines here, and see a full map of vaccine administrators here.
            • Hotline: 877-462-2911
            • Who’s eligible: Colorado health officials are largely coordinating their vaccination efforts through employers, long-term care providers, and primary care providers. Residents between 65 and 69 years of age recently became eligible for the vaccine, as well as everyone in the state’s 1A and 1B rollout phases. You’ll be able to speak with officials at a state-sponsored vaccine site to determine your eligibility.




                  • Learn more about how the state prioritizes its vaccine schedule here, and fill out a pre-registration form for a COVID-19 vaccination here.
                  • Hotline: 866-201-6313
                  • Who’s eligible: All healthcare personnel with patient-facing roles, including senior facilities and long-term rehabs, those with pre-determined risk factors and residents over the age of 65. Requirements for a vaccine may vary slightly by county, but you’ll find a full list of pharmacies, clinics, and hospitals participating right here.


                    • Read officials’ rollout plan and see the state’s timeline here, and locate a vaccination site here, where you’ll make appointments individually.
                    • Who’s eligible: Healthcare workers, first responders, those in long-term medical facilities, and residents over the age of 65. Georgia’s health officials are asking vaccine providers to coordinate appointments directly, which means you’ll need to monitor the state’s guidelines to see if your eligibility has been approved before reaching out directly to a vaccine provider. Officials say more vaccine sites are being established as more demographics are being added to the approved vaccine list.


                      • Learn how state officials are working to vaccinate residents across the islands, and complete a pre-registration form here.
                      • Hotline: 800-300-1120
                      • Who’s eligible: Frontline essential workers and healthcare workers as well as adults over 75 years old. Vaccines are being distributed to hubs across the islands, and state officials are currently asking employers for essential workers outside of emergency services (transportation, education, and corrections, as examples) to fill out eligibility forms for the next wave of vaccines. Residents can learn more about vaccination locations via county websites for each of Hawaii’s islands.



                          • Read the state’s entire vaccination plan here, and learn more about the state’s COVID-19 vaccine registration program in each county here (residents in Cook County, for example, can register here).
                          • Who’s eligible: This state has started vaccinating residents over the age of 65, in addition to all healthcare providers and essential workers who provide public services. Chicago’s NBC5 reports that many residents will be directed to clinics, hospitals, and pharmacies for their vaccination appointments, but the Illinois National Guard has also set up vaccination sites in Cook County and St. Clair County, with more sites potentially on the way.



                              • See full information about the state’s priority for vaccines here. You’ll need to coordinate appointments with approved distributors when you’re eligible.
                              • Hotline: Call 211 within state lines.
                              • Who’s eligible: Healthcare workers, first responders, and essential workers in long-term facilities are separated into different tiers that’ll determine priority for each vaccination site. People over the age of 65 are also rolled into these tiers, and will have to snag a vaccine appointment as supplies become available in their area.


                                • Learn more about the state’s vaccine priority list here. In Kansas, local health departments are coordinating appointments with providers directly.
                                • Who’s eligible: Currently, anyone listed under the state’s Phase 1 or Phase 2 plans — healthcare workers, senior housing residents, first responders, as well as essential workers in public settings and people over the age of 65.


                                  • Complete this survey to better understand when you’ll be able to receive a vaccine, and find a local vaccinator here.
                                  • Hotline: 855-598-2246
                                  • Who’s eligible: In addition to healthcare workers, anyone living in elderly facilities and anyone older than 70, plus essential employees like first responders and educators in K-12 spaces.


                                    • Read the full list of requirements for a vaccine appointment here, and view this full map of approved vaccine sites in Louisiana.
                                    • Who’s eligible: The prerequisites for a vaccine appointment in this state are a little more specific for healthcare providers (dental providers, as well as students and instructors at health institutions, are approved). If you’re over 70, you can contact your healthcare provider or an approved vaccine partner in the state for an appointment — others will have to wait until eligibility changes.


                                      • Learn more about the state’s vaccine rollout here, including a vaccine tracker that displays timeline progress in real-time.
                                      • Who’s eligible: Primarily, vaccines are reserved for healthcare personnel at clinics, hospitals, and long-term care facilities, as well as first responders. This month, the state began administering shots to residents over the age of 70 — given its high elderly population, those aged 65-69 will also receive priority later in the spring.


                                        • See Maryland’s vaccine information here, and find a vaccine clinic here, where you’ll make an appointment when approved.
                                        • Who’s eligible: All in the healthcare space, first responders, those in assisted living, as well as education staffers and certain state employees.









                                                        • See the state’s full distribution plans by county here, and view a full list of vaccine sites where you’ll be able to make an appointment. This survey may alert you to when it’s time for you to receive a vaccine.
                                                        • Hotline: 800.401.0946
                                                        • Who’s eligible: Distribution is handled by county in Nevada, and so healthcare officials, medical facilities and first responders have largely received vaccines through local pharmacies or clinics. While some counties have online registration forms available, anyone over the age of 70 can inquire about a vaccine at one of their local providers.

                                                          New Hampshire

                                                          • View the full details behind the vaccine program in New Hampshire here, and register for a vaccine appointment here.
                                                          • Hotline: Call 211 within state lines.
                                                          • Who’s eligible: Frontline healthcare providers, first responders, and any medical facility resident or employee can receive a vaccine now. But officials have also extended invitations to those who are over the age of 65, as well as those who are considered high-risk for COVID-19 complications. The state’s registration pings approved residents when there’s availability in their area, but residents can also speak directly with clinicians about a vaccine.

                                                            New Jersey

                                                            • Read more about the state’s timeline here, and register with state officials to qualify for an appointment when one is available in your area.
                                                            • Hotline: 855-568-0545
                                                            • Who’s eligible: High-risk individuals and individuals over the age of 65 are currently receiving vaccinations in addition to healthcare providers and first responders. Residents in New Jersey can certainly discover their place in “line”, so to speak, by filling out the state’s registration form — however, most times the actual appointment for a vaccine will be made between the patient and the clinic or location directly.

                                                              New Mexico

                                                              • See the state’s full timeline for vaccine distribution here, and register here to get in line for an available COVID-19 vaccine for your demographic when one is available.
                                                              • Hotline: 855-600-3453
                                                              • Who’s eligible: In addition to medical and first responders, anyone working in what the state calls a “congregate setting” and those above the age of 75 are eligible for a vaccine now. Residents over 16 with a preexisting medical condition that deems them high-risk for respiratory symptoms can also register online now for first availability.

                                                                New York

                                                                • Learn more about the state’s full vaccination plans here, and determine if you’re eligible to get an appointment at a state-sanctioned vaccine site. See New York’s detailed list of prerequisites for the vaccine here, as well as a full list of providers by zip code here.
                                                                • Hotline: 833-687-4829
                                                                • Who’s eligible: The list is exhaustive, but primarily, groups that work in healthcare, essential services (including things like food service and transportation), first responders, educators, child care providers, and senior residents over the age of 65. On February 15, however, New York will expand eligibility to many groups beyond this list as any resident with preexisting health conditions that put them at risk for COVID-19 complications can make an appointment at a state-sponsored site or an approved pharmacy or clinic.

                                                                  North Carolina

                                                                  • Read more about the state’s timeline for vaccination here. Take this survey to determine a range of times for your own eligibility and see the state’s full list of providers here.
                                                                  • Hotline: 877-490-6642
                                                                  • Who’s eligible: While residents aren’t able to pre-register for an automatic appointment, the state’s survey may indicate whether or not you can ask for a vaccine at this time. Currently, anyone over the age of 65 and older — including those who work in healthcare facilities of most any kind — can coordinate a vaccine appointment at one of the state’s recognized providers.

                                                                    North Dakota

                                                                    • View the state’s list of complete considerations for priority here. Officials have listed all vaccine administers online so that eligible residents can ask for an appointment.
                                                                    • Who’s eligible: In addition to healthcare workers and first responders, those working in congregate settings (including educators and child care providers) as well as those above the age of 75 may receive a vaccination at this time. Since the state doesn’t allow for pre-registration, those eligible can directly make their appointment


                                                                      • See the entire timeline for Ohio vaccinations here and click here for a full list of providers that are vaccinating eligible residents now.
                                                                      • Who’s eligible: Certain pre-existing conditions or factors are considered in current eligibility in Ohio, including physical disabilities, mental health disorders, and a range of patients (beyond seniors) who live in medical facilities attended by registered care providers. Residents over the age of 75 can also coordinate a vaccine at this time by directly reaching out to a state-sponsored clinic, hospital, or pharmacy.



                                                                          • Residents can learn more about the state’s vaccine rollout and also make an appointment, if eligible, for a vaccine by using a chat feature right here. You may be able to secure a vaccine faster by contacting your local county health board, all listed here.
                                                                          • Who’s eligible: Essential workers across the board — healthcare, educators, first responders, and those working or living in long-term medical facilities — as well as prison inmates. On March 1, anyone above the age of 65 will be eligible for a vaccine, as senior residents are slowly being added to vaccine queues this month.


                                                                            • Check to see if you are eligible for a COVID-19 vaccine here and see a full list of state-sponsored vaccine distributors here.
                                                                            • Hotline: 877-724-3258
                                                                            • Who’s eligible: Anyone over the age of 65, plus adults of any age with pre-existing conditions that deem them high risk, as well as healthcare workers, first responders, and some essential workers in public settings. A special note: Those in Philadelphia will need to submit a special interest form so that city organizers can arrange for your vaccination.

                                                                              Rhode Island:

                                                                              • See all information about the state’s vaccine program here. The state has directed residents to speak with their primary care provider about where they can receive a vaccine, including sites like Walgreens and CVS.
                                                                              • Who’s eligible: Recently, adults over the age of 75 began receiving vaccinations in addition to healthcare officials, first responders, and those living in Rhode Island’s long-term medical facilities. Later this month, eligibility will open up to those over 65 years of age, per the state’s timeline.

                                                                                South Carolina

                                                                                • A full detailed list of those included in current vaccination plans can be found here, and the state’s list of approved vaccine providers is here.
                                                                                • Hotline: 855-472-3432
                                                                                • Who’s eligible: There’s a specific list maintained by the state, which is currently within its phase 1A, but generally, healthcare workers and essential workers in public spaces, plus those over the age of 65 with or without preexisting conditions. This also includes those who are receiving medical treatment in a long-term setting or within a clinic or hospital regularly.

                                                                                  South Dakota

                                                                                  • A full list of vaccine providers by county is available here, and residents can take this survey to determine if they’re eligible to make an appointment now.
                                                                                  • Who’s eligible: Anyone working on the frontlines in healthcare or in public safety is eligible, as are those aged 65 or older. Currently, those with certain qualifying pre-existing conditions may also qualify for a vaccine as early as this week.


                                                                                    • See the state’s full vaccination timeline here, and since Tennessee’s vaccine efforts lie at the county level, click here for a county-by-county vaccine locator.
                                                                                    • Who’s eligible: Regardless of which phase the state is in, anyone over the age of 70 are approved to receive a vaccine at an appointment in their county. Currently, groups that can get vaccinated also include healthcare workers, first responders, and educators in the public school system, among others.



                                                                                        • Learn more about the state’s current rollout plans here, sign up for updates here, and use this directory of state health departments by county to make an appointment.
                                                                                        • Who’s eligible: Starting March 1, anyone over the age of 18 with pre-existing health conditions may seek a vaccine appointment. Currently, Utah officials are extending vaccines to healthcare workers, first responders, educators and school staff, as well as anyone over the age of 70 in the state.




                                                                                              • Residents can take an eligibility quiz here to determine their own timeline, while those who are eligible can use this state directory to book an appointment. *If you’re in the District of Columbia, find full vaccination info for D.C. residents here.
                                                                                              • Who’s eligible: Washington state officials are offering vaccines to first responders, all healthcare personnel, and anyone in a long-term medical facility. The age requirement for a vaccine currently hinges on your living situation: Anyone above 65 years of age can receive a vaccine, while those 50 and older who live in a family household may sign up for an appointment now.

                                                                                                West Virginia

                                                                                                • See all of the state’s plans for vaccine distribution here, and all residents above the age of 16 can pre-register for a spot in line for a COVID-19 vaccine. These residents will be notified when they’ve been cleared for a shot.
                                                                                                • Hotline: 833-734-0965
                                                                                                • Who’s eligible: Anyone over 65 years old, as well as those living in assisted living facilities and other medical treatment centers. First responders and frontline healthcare workers (including pharmacists) may also receive a vaccine now.


                                                                                                  • Read the state’s guidelines on vaccine distribution here.
                                                                                                  • Who’s eligible: Anyone over the age of 65, as well as first responders, those in assisted living communities or long-term medical facilities, and healthcare workers in clinical settings. Employers and local county health boards are dictating much of the outreach to ensure residents are being vaccinated ASAP.


                                                                                                    • Click here for a full directory of county health boards, which are all offering pre-registration for Wyoming residents via individual surveys. You can learn more about the state’s overall timeline here.
                                                                                                    • Hotline: 800-438-5795
                                                                                                    • Who’s eligible: In addition to first responders and health care workers, any essential workers who are regularly exposed to highly infectious circumstances can receive a vaccine — even those living in college dormitories. Anyone over the age of 65 can receive a vaccine at this time, but individuals on Wyoming’s Medicaid Community Choices Waiver or Developmental Disability waiver may also make an appointment through their county’s health board.

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