How to ship your exotic car safely and affordably

How to ship your exotic car safely and affordably

If you’re the proud owner of an exotic car such as an Aston Martin DB11, Rolls-Royce Wraith, McLaren GT, or Ferrari SF90 Stradale, it’s only natural to want the best for your baby when it comes to shipping it across the country. A car such as this requires special care, especially when you want to move it long distances without putting extra miles on the odometer.

There are lots of options when it comes to exotic car transportation right here at For example:

  • Send it by train
  • Drive it yourself
  • Send it by plane
  • Hire someone to drive it for you

Each of these options has its pros and cons.

Send it by train

You might not have realized, but yes, you can ship a car by train. If you happen to live near a station where such a service is offered, you might want to consider it, but there are some pros and cons.


  • Often costs less than other options
  • Rail services cover most major routes
  • Open and closed transport options are available


  • The service is not door-to-door
  • The shipping service is slow
  • The service is not flexible as it runs according to a schedule and defined routes

Drive it yourself

It seems to be the most obvious option if you were the owner of a standard car. However, a road trip of several thousand miles might not be something you want to do in your 2019 McLaren 720S.


  • You can take your time making the journey
  • You’ll be able to stop along the way
  • A road trip could be fun


  • It can be expensive when you factor in additional costs such as accommodation
  • Extra miles on your odometer and unwanted wear and tear
  • Driving for long periods is stressful
  • You and your vehicle are at the mercy of the elements and traffic conditions

Send it by plane

This is an excellent option, but the cost is excessive, and you have to get your car to an airport and then drive it away at the other end.


  • Extremely safe and secure way to transport a car


  • You’ll have to drive to the airport to drop off your car, and when you pick it up you’ll have to drive it to your chosen location
  • The cost of this service is very high

Hire someone to drive it for you

Some companies specialize in this type of service, and there are lots to choose from. But would you feel confident trusting another person to drive your car?


  • You may be able to tag along for the ride
  • Personal service
  • Specialized insurance may be an option
  • You can transport additional luggage
  • It’s a fast service


  • It can be expensive
  • Unnecessary wear and tear
  • You might struggle to find a company you trust with your precious vehicle

There is one further option, and that’s exotic car transportation. It’s also known by several other names, such as classic car transport, antique car transport, and luxury car transport, but the service is the same.

What is exotic car transportation?

When you ship a car with a company that offers luxury car transport, they ship your car in a fully enclosed trailer. The trailer has a roof and four sides. This kind of setup ensures your car is completely protected from the elements and prying eyes.

The cost of this service tends to be higher, usually by around 30% to 40% more than standard auto tranposrt. But, if you’re the owner of a prestigious vehicle, is any price too high if you’re guaranteed total peace of mind?

The benefits of classic car transport

There are many benefits of exotic car transportation:

  • Your car is 100% protected: Your pride and joy is 100% protected from the elements, traffic grime, and prying eyes.
  • Total peace of mind: Your car is delivered in the same condition as when you left it.
  • Hydraulic lift gates or special ramps: If your car has particularly low ground clearance, special loading and unloading systems are in place.
  • Multiple vehicle shipping: Should you need to ship more than one exotic car, this can be arranged as there are trailers that can transport more than one car.
  • Increased insurance coverage: Vehicles shipped using classic car transport tend to be of a higher value than a standard car. Therefore, the insurance coverage is much higher.

The downside of antique car transport

  • The cost is higher than standard car transport: Fewer vehicles can be transported in this way, so the carriers have to charge more for the service. Specialist loading and unloading equipment is required, which adds to the cost.
  • Door-to-door service may not be an option: It’s not always possible to collect or deliver a car to your door. There may be parking restrictions, overhanging branches or power lines, or the road may be too narrow. In such cases, alternative locations can be arranged nearby, such as a parking lot, storage area, or wider street.

Now you’re aware of all the options, you can clearly see that exotic car transportation is one of the best options.

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