How to Take Care of Your New Puppy

Making the choice to get a puppy can be incredibly exciting and you probably cannot wait to spoil it and give it a ton of affection. Your time with your new pup will be spent going out for walks, giving it cuddles and bonding in a way only a pet owner and a dog can. In addition to love and affection, as a puppy parent you are also responsible for providing it with a high level of care so that it can grow into a healthy, well-adjusted dog. Here are a few top tips to help you care for your puppy.

Know the Breed

There are many dog breeds and all of them possess different instinctual behavior traits. Not to mention, all individual dogs have their own unique personality too. To make sure you give your dog the best care possible, research the breed of your puppy so that you can cater for its needs. For example, Border Collies are intelligent dogs that were naturally bred to work. They are full of energy and they need a lot of time to run around. On the other hand, Boston Terriers need less time to exercise but owners need to make sure they do not overheat. As with other flat-faced dogs, they may experience difficulty with breathing in hot weather. If your dog is mixed breed, do your research into the different mixes for some background knowledge and speak to a veterinarian for their advice too.

Get Them Vaccinated

Besides providing sound advice about how to care for your puppy, a vet can also help you keep them physically well. As soon as you have your new puppy, you should register them at the vets. Easyvet is a veterinarian practice that provides affordable pet care. They can help protect your puppy from infectious diseases which can be easily caught and spread to other dogs. Inoculating your puppy is the responsible thing to do, it will also keep your pup healthy too.

Remove Potential Hazards

As with infants, puppies come into the world not really knowing the difference between something they can eat and something that is poisonous. Although they may instinctively gravitate towards edible food with an interesting odor, they are curious creatures and could just as likely ingest human medication accidentally. Try to keep potential hazards out of reach. For example, clear away plates of food immediately and secure snacks. Be mindful with what you decorate your home with and keep household cleaners and medication tucked away safely.

Purchase Puppy Essentials

New puppies need a bunch of essentials to help them settle into your home. At the minimum, you should have a collar with a personalized tag, a dog bed, dog food and bowls for water and food. In addition, you need a leash, a harness and poop bags for when they are ready to go for walkies. It is handy to remember that your pup will probably grow out of some of these items, so be prepared to purchase a few extra bits as they get bigger. In addition to the essentials, a crate is necessary if you plan on crate training your dog, as well as a soft blanket is ideal for extra warmth and comfort.


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