How to Win as Pathfinder in Apex Legends

If it comes down to choosing the legend to play in Apex, many players won’t choose Pathfinder. But you see, this legend is both helpful, exciting, and loaded with exciting abilities. Moreover, Pathfinder is important to the team even though he is a passive legend. With his abilities and insider knowledge, he can help the team to survive.

So, if you’re wondering how to play and win in Apex legends as a Pathfinder, we have the answer below. We also recommend that you add proven undetected apex legends hacks to what we have below for a better result. With this combination, you use the passiveness of Pathfinder to win your game.

How to Play and Win as Pathfinder


1. Understand the abilities

The first step to winning as Pathfinder in Apex legends is to understand what the legend can do. There are three abilities at your disposal while playing the legend. The first one is Insider Knowledge, the second is the Grappling Hook, while the third is the Zipline Gun. Insider knowledge is a passive ability that helps to locate the next shrinking ring for the team. The Grappling hook is a tactical ability that allows the Pathfinder to cover distances quickly, while the Zipline gun is the ultimate ability to escape risky situations. Understanding these abilities will enable you to use them rightly.

2. Use the Zipline Gun carefully.

While the Zipline gun is an ability at your disposal, it does have certain disadvantages to consider. For instance, your enemy can use the ziplines you created because they will remain until the match ends. Also, when you fire the gun, it emits an audio cue that enemies close by can hear and identify your location. So, consider it very well before using it. Also, check your environment and be aware that flanks are dangerous when you face enemies. So instead of using the Zipline gun spontaneously, keep it for when the advantages outweigh the risks. Most importantly, don’t be on the zipline where the enemies can see you. Once they do, you’re a dead target.

3. Always use the Grappling Hook.

No legend has this ability except Pathfinder. So, try to put it to good use against the enemies. The ability will help you to shoot the enemies from an elevated level. So, while the team can cover the ground level, you can support them from up there where no enemy can reach you. It is not going to be easy, especially at the beginning. But with constant practice, you can master the use of Grappling hook in Apex Legends.

4. Find the Path for the team.

Just as the name implies, you can help your team a lot by playing the frontman. You can scout the areas and plan the movement and discover how the team can rotate while playing. So, instead of cowering behind and missing the fun, always march ahead to do your best work for the team.

5. Strafe when shooting

Even though Pathfinder is bulky, it has certain advantages for being like that. For instance, it’s difficult to hit the legend due to his frame. So, knowing that, make sure you’re always mobile and also strafing as you shoot. That way, you can get even the enemies behind you while dodging the enemies trying to get you. It is not usually easy, but you can utilize the abilities to keep moving.

6. Never be a lone wolf.

Apex legends is a team-based game which means that you’ve got others watching your back. So, always make sure that you don’t stray very far from the team members. The Grappling Hook can do that to you if you don’t control the impulse to use it. The excitement of traveling long distances can confuse you and take you too far away. Once you’re isolated, the enemies can terminate you quickly. So, make sure you know where the team members are at every point in time.

7. Hook the enemies and kill them

Do you know that the Grappling Hook can help you kill some enemies? All you need is to add the Mastiff (Shotgun) to your abilities and destroy the enemies. With the hook, you can pull a target in and then finish him off with the shotgun. Don’t forget this tactic when you find yourself in a dangerous close-range face-off.


‘Playing Pathfinder in Apex Legends may seem dull and not very difficult. But you see, it’s also dangerous, and you can die if you misjudge the enemies. Also, the team depends on you for support, and that’s why you must do your best.

We’ve shared some of the ways to play as Pathfinder and win the game. First, understand the abilities and how to utilize them. Also, learn how to use them appropriately to avoid exposing yourself to enemies.


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