Importance Of Riding Gear When On A Two-Wheeler

The Central Government kicks off National Road Safety Month from January 18, 2021 and in this story we tell all about the importance of riding gear when on a two-wheeler.

It is no secret that India is ranked at the bottom when it comes to road safety. While the official numbers from Ministry of Road Transport Highways for 2020 are not out yet, India saw 151,113 road accident related deaths in 2019. Although, initial reports suggest that the numbers for 2020 may see a decrease due to country-wide lockdown in the first half of 2020. Nonetheless, the fact remains that India is not the best place to be if you are on the road. With one of the biggest number of two-wheelers on roads, India is yet to catch up with the idea of wearing riding gear, which reduces chances of fatality by a significant margin. We tell you all about the importance of riding gear if you are one of those who ride a two-wheeler frequently.

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(Investing in good  riding gear goes a long way and keeps you safe)

At its very basic, riding gear consists of a helmet, a riding jacket, riding boots and a pair of riding trousers. But in a country where most two-wheeler users ride without wearing a helmet, advocating a complete set of riding gear may seem like a distant dream. So, why is it important to wear riding gear? Well, by definition and construction, good quality riding gear is meant to protect you from sun, rain, dust, cold and even the tarmac.

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(Good riding gear makes you look cool and other road people on the road take you seriously as well)

The last bit especially, is very, very important. Most of us have had falls from riding a bicycle or even just running, as kids. Now imagine your knees, palms, chin getting skinned as you come off a two-wheeler at twice-thrice the speed then. Or maybe even more! Riding gear is built to withstand abrasion and protect the vulnerable spots on a human body. This is why jackets, pants and boots have armour built into them which can absorb impact in case of a crash. Helmets are designed to dissipate energy in case of impact and protect the skull and brain in case of a crash as well.

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(If you spend a lot of time on two-wheelers, we suggest you invest in good quality riding gear)


Research data suggests that for every 10 kmph speed, one mm of skin is scraped off, in case you take a fall on the road while riding and at higher speeds, it can be very, very fatal. And no! Your regular clothes aren’t going to protect you in case of a fall, that includes a good quality pair of jeans as well. While India may be far away from the concept of ‘ATGATT’ which means ‘All The Gear, All The Time’, our advice to you, dear reader, will be that if you are serious about riding or if you spend a lot of time riding a two-wheeler, it makes every bit of sense to invest in good quality riding gear. Even if it is done over a period of time! Over the course of the next one month we will tell you all about riding gear, take it one piece at a time. Till then, ride safe and definitely wear your helmets if not a complete set.

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