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Indian Cooking Tips: How To Make Street-Style Spicy Rice Papadi (Khichiya Papadi)

Indian Cooking Tips: How To Make Street-Style Spicy Rice Papadi (Khichiya Papadi)

Spicy rice papadi recipe is a must-try.


  • Rice papadi is a much-loved winter-special snack.
  • You can make street-style spicy rice papadi with this recipe.
  • Watch the recipe video to make it at home.

Don’t we all like to try out different recipes at home? If you are looking for a unique winter snack and don’t want to make those same things you’ve been making all this season, we have the perfect recipe for you. You can make spicy rice papadi easily at home with this recipe. This crispy fried snack is perfect for all the nippy evenings when you crave for something hearty and yummy to go with your hot cup of tea. This rice papadi with loads of flavours from various spices will win your heart instantly.

The recipe video from YouTube channel ‘Cook With Parul’ shows us an easy way to make spicy rice papadi (khichiya papadi) just like you get on the streets or a confectionery store. Food vlogger Parul also gives a quick and easy recipe of a dip to accompany this rice snack.

Step-By-Step Spicy Rice Papadi Recipe:

To make spicy rice crackers, first arrange chopped onion, whole red chillies, few cloves of garlic and chopped boiled potatoes. Then, proceed with the recipe.

Step 1 – Put all the ingredients in a grinding jar and give it a few pulses. You may add some water if required.
Step 2 – Then add some oil and grind again to make a fine paste. Transfer the mixture to a bowl.
Step 3 – Add some rice flour, besan (gram flour), cumin seeds, kalonji, red chilli flakes, and also noodle masala or pasta masala, curry leaves, coriander leaves and salt.
Step 4 – Knead to make a semi-soft dough. Take some part of the dough and roll to make roti on a greased surface. With a cookie cutter or gujia cutter any other cutter of your choice and divide the roti into smaller pieces.
Step 5 – Make pricks in all the pieces with a fork and fry them till crispy and brown.



Here’s the complete recipe video of spicy rice papadi:

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