Instagram’s ‘recently deleted’ feature lets you change your mind about deleting a post

Instagram is making it easier to bring back deleted posts. The company is rolling out a “recently deleted” feature in the app that’ll allow you to review content you’ve deleted, including photos, videos, reels, IGTV videos, and stories, and restore them. Instagram is positioning this feature as helpful against hacks, particularly if hackers gain control of an account and start deleting content. Starting today, users will need to confirm they’re the account owner through either text or email in order to permanently delete or restore content.

Deleted items will stay in the folder for 30 days, and if not touched, they will automatically delete after that point. Deleted stories are the exception, however: they will only stay in the recently deleted section for 24 hours before they’re permanently removed. To access the folder, navigate to Settings > Account > Recently Deleted.

Clearly, Instagram wants to give people chances to keep their content before permanently removing it. The app already offers an archive, or a way to keep posts without them being publicly available, and with this feature, it’s allowing people to keep their posts as an option, even if they want to initially delete them. Instagram benefits from having more content, and thereby more data, on users. The more it can encourage people to keep their posts, the better it is for the service.

Correction 2/2, 12:22 PM ET: This story initially stated that users need to confirm they’re the account holder in order to access the feature in general, but they actually only need to do so to permanently delete or restore content. We’ve updated to reflect this change.

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