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Consider this: you enjoy singing and get a rush from performing on stage whenever you have the opportunity. However, some friends and family members may argue that you can become a doctor or a scientist if you work hard enough.

It is safe to say that choosing a subject is an important decision everyone must make at some point in their lives. What you study will determine your career trajectory and how you spend the rest of your life. You don’t want to waste time studying something you know isn’t right for you or one that doesn’t pique your interest.

Choosing a major to study may not be as straightforward as it seems. Apart from your interests and goals, you must also consider what skills employers are looking for in the job market. To help you get some perspective, here are some options to choose from:

Marriage and family therapy

If you want to study psychology and human behavior, you’re in luck because there are numerous specializations to choose from. Marriage and family therapists are in high demand among potential career paths. The US Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) predicts a 14% increase in job growth between 2021 and 2031, so consider majoring in this field. You can research accredited marriage and family therapy programs online and enroll in one that meets your needs.

While studying this course, you will learn how to help couples navigate their problems through counseling and therapy while studying his subject. It will be beneficial to have good communication and problem-solving skills since these will come in handy when you practice professionally. You’ll be able to work in various settings, including private practice and mental health centers, and earn a decent living.


Learning a second language is a valuable skill since it allows you to connect and communicate with more people. Chinese is the most widely spoken language in the world, with nearly 1.2 billion people speaking it. Though there are many dialects of Chinese, they all use the same writing system. So, learning one will help you communicate with people who speak different dialects.

Mandarin, a dialect of Chinese and China’s official state language, is the most popular choice for those interested in studying Chinese. Hence studying Mandarin will open up a plethora of working opportunities for you internationally. You’ll be able to find employment opportunities in companies that work with Chinese people, and foreign affairs correspondence as a translator.

Marine biology

Do you want to learn more about marine life? If yes, consider doing your major in marine biology. This subject deals with studying marine organisms and their interaction with the environment. You’ll study biological, chemical, physical, and geological oceanography. Typical tasks will include collecting samples, data analysis, and writing reports.

There are several careers to choose from, including being a consultant in marine ecology and becoming an environmental planner. The average annual salary for a marine biologist is $64.500.

Computer science

The increased role of computers in all work areas has created several new job opportunities. Computer science is a subject that puts you at the forefront of every discovery. Computer science can help you prepare for a variety of technical jobs. You can work as an application developer, programmer, system analyst, etc.

As per the BLS, computer systems analyst jobs are expected to grow at a 7% annual rate, with 42,800 new jobs added this decade. While most well-paying jobs can easily net you a six-figure annual salary, you can also boost your earning potential by working as a freelancer.


If you enjoy building things and want to see your ideas come to life, consider studying architecture. Architecture graduates can work in various roles both within and outside the field. The diverse skills acquired by architecture graduates allow them to work in art, design, academia, engineering, and public service. Architecture is one of the few professions that allows you to combine scientific knowledge with an artistic sense.

The most obvious career path is that of an architect. Architects design and help build functional and aesthetically pleasing structures and buildings. The starting salary for an architect in the US is approximately $100,100 annually. But depending on your skill, you can earn more money and global fame.


Nursing is the most in-demand profession right now. As much as a doctor is responsible for a patient’s health, a nurse is equally important the delivering and ensuring quality care. As a nurse, your job will entail educating patients about their treatment plans and ensuring they’re comfortable throughout the process of care delivery. Apart from the clinical skills and know-how, you will hone during your studies, you’ll also have to polish your soft skills, especially your ability to communicate effectively and empathize with patients.

The demand for nurses in the United States is constantly increasing. It is estimated that nearly 1.2 million nurses will be required by 2030 to meet the growing demand for healthcare professionals. This ensures job security and a reliable income in the future. You can also choose from numerous specializations based on how you like to work.


Economics is the study of supply and demand, scarcity of resources, production and revenue, and how organizations and governments use resources to generate prosperity. This subject will help prepare you for a career requiring analytical and numerical skills in various settings. You will be able to work at both the micro and macro levels.

The median annual salary for economists was $105,630 in 2021. But you can earn more depending on our job role and industry niche.


Choosing a subject to study can be difficult and confusing, especially when you’re unsure of your career outlook. Limiting yourself to only a few subject options is also not good. Instead, consider your interests and professional goals when deciding what to study. You can choose a bead disciple for undergrad to keep your options diverse and specialize later on.


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