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Is Starbucks Open on Thanksgiving 2020?

Putting together a festive Thanksgiving feast takes a lot of work: You’ve got to prepare the turkey, cook the side dishes, and maybe even find time for a fun Turkey Day family activity. All that means is that before you get started, you need some coffee. And if your favorite cup of Joe is from Starbucks, you might be wondering if the coffee shop is open on Thanksgiving.

Over the years, you’ve grown to depend on Starbucks to deliver strong, delicious, and piping hot coffee when you need it most. Of course, Thanksgiving is no different — you need that red eye to get through countless phone calls with the in-laws and virtual celebrations on Zoom. Fortunately, we’ve found the answer to whether or not Starbucks is open on Thanksgiving. Now, you can easily plan if you’ll be able to go to the Bux for your caffeine fix, or if you’ll need to brew a cup (or three) at home. And if you prefer to get your coffee or breakfast elsewhere, make sure you know the restaurants that are open on Thanksgiving.

Is Starbucks open on Thanksgiving?

Yes! This year, Starbucks will be open on Thanksgiving. Typically, most Starbucks locations stick to their regular hours on Thanksgiving. If you’d like to be extra safe — and when it comes to coffee, you do — you can call your location ahead of time to make sure it will be following business as usual. Of course, you’ll want to wear your face mask inside the Starbucks, and maybe even pre-order your drink so you can be in and out in as little time as possible.

What other stores are open on Thanksgiving?

Starbucks isn’t the only restaurant or store open on Thanksgiving. Lots of other establishments will be open for food, groceries, and other items. On the food front, you can hit up restaurants such as Boston Market, Denny’s, Cracker Barrel, IHOP, Sonic, Subway, and Waffle House, among others. If you need last-minute groceries, there are several grocery stores that will stay open on Thanksgiving. Those include Fairway, Kroger, Safeway, Stop & Shop, Wegmans, and Whole Foods among others. Just want to shop? Dollar General, Macy’s, Ulta, and Walgreens will all be open. For more information, these are the stores that are open and closed on Thanksgiving.

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