Is this a render of the Xioami 12T Pro?

There has been plenty of noise already around Xiaomi’s upcoming 12T Pro flagship smartphone, with leaks suggesting that it’ll sport a 200MP camera, for one.

Now, a prolific Twitter leaker has posted what might be the first really credible image of the phone’s design, along with that of a new Redmi Pad.

The phone is pretty much identical to the Redmi K50 Extreme which launched in China earlier this year, as was both rumoured and expected, with the branding swapped out for Xiaomi’s.

That means the rear design is very familiar, as is that camera module, although in theory it’s getting a spec bump compared to the Redmi original.

This lines up with the specs leaks that have been doing the rounds in the last couple of months, since you can clearly see the 200MP branding on the camera bump, and suggests that those leaks might therefore be accurate when it comes to the rest of the phone’s features.

It therefore shouldn’t be too long before we get to see more of the phone, with a September launch having been rumoured for a while, so this might all become fact fairly soon.

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