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Kobichi Vadi Recipe Video: This Maharashtrian Gobi Snack Is All You Need For A Healthy Morning Meal


  • Kobichi vadi is basically a healthy cabbage fritter.
  • Kobichi vadi makes for a popular breakfast in Maharastra.
  • Kobichi vadi can be referred to as a close cousin to Gujarati muthia.

Let’s admit it. There’s nothing better than ‘breakfast-on-bed’ while being tucked in your cosy blanket on a cold winter morning. Winter mornings call for a hot cup of tea and wholesome breakfast. We all enjoy parathas and sandwiches with stuffing made of fresh seasonal vegetables. Imagine those hot gobi parathas and methi parathas with a dollop of makkhan (white butter) on it and achar by the side. Sounds appetising, right?! Alongside offering flavours to your palate, these recipes also include the goodness of the seasonal vegetables. But the same old menu can be boring at times. Hence, we are in constant search for a variety of dishes to add some spice to the palate and diversity on the plate.

Considering the above factors, we found a delicious breakfast recipe to fulfil all your wishes. It is the popular Maharashtrian dish Kobichi Vadi. Kobichi Vadi is basically a healthy cabbage fritter, made with just a drop or two of oil.

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Cabbage is one winter-special vegetable that is loaded with health benefitting nutrients


How To Make Maharashtrian Kobichi Vadi (Cabbage Snack):

A close cousin to Gujarati muthia or Maharashtrian kothimbir vadi, the cooking process of this cabbage snack is quite similar to the former. Like muthia, this dish is also streamed and then toasted on tawa or pan. It is soft within and has a crispy outer layer and makes for a perfect dish to sneak in some healthy vegetables to your child’s diet.

This healthy breakfast recipe has been shared by vlogger Parul Jain on her YouTube channel ‘Cook With Parul’. All you need to prepare kobichi vadi are cabbage, atta, besan, sooji, dahi, ginger-garlic paste, green and red chillies, lemon juice, sesame seeds and some basic kitchen spices. Let’s find out the recipe:

Step 1. Make a soft dough with all the ingredients and spread it on a steaming plate.

Step 2. Steam the dough till it turns soft and fluffy.

Step 3. Cut the steamed vadi into small pieces and shallow fry/toast on a pan. Just brush some oil on the pan.


Sounds super simple, right? Trust us the recipe is as simple as it reads. Try it today and write back to us how you like it.

Watch: Kobichi Vadi Recipe Video:

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