Latest NBN Deals in Melbourne Today

Are you at the moment living in Melbourne and searching for a reliable NBN deal but do not know where to start? Don’t worry about it. Now and then, everyone does not get the perfect timing to prepare or acquire this information. But, you are here now, and it’s the best thing.

Before anything else, what is NBN? Is it like every other internet connection? Does it entail some specific perks that are worth rejoicing when you finally have access to it?

A quick background on NBN – it’s Australia’s network that provides wholesale open-access data to the Australian nation. It offers different services too, such as wired and radio communications that the corporation owns. However, as an ISP, NBN grants contract agreements to gain data network access and trade fixed internet access.

So, everything is legitimate, and you have the freedom to choose what is best for you, your family, and your lifestyle. If you are interested in acquiring internet services, here are NBN deals in Melbourne for you to consider.

What is the definition of “the best deals”? Well, it’s the plans or contracts that meet your requirements like a glove. Of course, the main goal is to have access to a reliable and fast internet service. NBN made sure it’s attainable through the latest fibre optic cables nearest you.

#1 The Best Value You Can Ever Find!

Tangerine takes the number 1 spot for providing its consumers with a fast and cheap NBN deal plan. It’s the XL Boost and appears to be unlimited when it comes to data usage. How fast is it? According to the results, it’s as fast as 50Mbps in a classic evening speed.

Are you curious about the price? You may get this sweet deal for only $54.90 per month for the first six consecutive months.

The absolute pros:

  • The available maximum speed of the speed tier enjoyed thoroughly by the consumers
  • Money-back guarantee within the 14-days NBN trial
  • No fees involved with setups
  • Lock-in contracts are not applicable

#2 The Supreme Deal Arrangement For Families


Do you have kids who need to complete their schoolwork, researches, and projects? Or not have issues when working and the children using the connection too? Then this is the top deal for you and your family!

Spintel provides you with the NBN100 plan, that’s 100 Mbps speed; experience the unlimited data and for just $74 a month!

Pros worth celebrating are:

  • Exclusive discounts
  • Ideal for big and busy families
  • Setup and lock-in contracts are nonexistent

#3 The Cheapest In Town You Got To Get It!

Tangerine is on a roll for granting the fastest internet plan in Melbourne, and it comes with the lowest price too! Imagine, for the standard deal, and you can get unlimited data availability, 25Mbps speed, and for only $44.90 a month?!

The pros you’d love:

  • The plan is under $50
  • Commits to the money-back guaranteeunder the 14-day trial
  • Setup and lock-in contracts do not exist

These are the latest deals from NBN you can choose and will surely fit you and your family. Get connected now!


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