LG hopes to offer Android 12 updates to existing phones

(Pocket-lint) – As you’ll undoubtedly now be aware, LG has opted to shut down its mobile division, meaning no new LG smartphones. The move followed years of loss-making on devices many saw as either being not competitive enough or just a little too out-there. 

LG stated that it will continue to support existing devices with software and security updates, but perhaps more importantly, has also stated that some models may get Android 12

LG’s current plan is to get the next version of Android to a few of its smartphones. It stated as such in its Korean FAQ page following the news that it will be shuttering its mobile division.

The company doesn’t go as far as to say which models will be supported in the update rollout, but we suspect it’ll be its most recent flagships. That could mean the LG Velvet is in that list. 

This current plan is assuming there aren’t any issues with compatibility, but LG does state that those plans could change depending on how and when Google makes the software available and how it performs on LG’s devices. 

If there are problems that arise with the planned update LG could well end up not releasing the software on any of its devices.

Sadly then, concrete plans can’t exist until the final version of Android 12 is made available and LG has been able to get it running smoothly and without issues on its chosen smartphones. 

In the mean time, LG has committed to rolling out Android 11 to existing devices and its scheduled release plans for those are still on track to continue as normal. 

LG’s demise in the smartphone world is sad in many ways, but predictable by anyone following the company’s efforts and financial reports this past few years. 

However, despite some miss-fires there have been plenty of LG phones that captured our attention. Take a look at some of the most memorable devices from the company in our look back. 

Writing by Cam Bunton.

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