Masonite’s door with a Ring doorbell and smart lock built-in will cost you $6,500

The smart door may finally be coming to a fancy block or neighborhood near you. One whole year after announcing its first smart door for residential homes, Masonite is now announcing at CES 2023 that its M-Pwr door is arriving later this year. The $6,500 exterior door will be sold at Home Depot retail locations, with the option for professional installations through local contractors.

The M-Pwr is an all-in-one solution for the smart home tech you typically want facing your front porch: a Ring video doorbell, a Yale smart lock, and motion-activated lighting to welcome you home are all built-in. It’s hardwired to a home’s electricity, so all the devices are powered full-time without having to worry about keeping anything charged — and an emergency backup battery can continue providing power for up to 24 hours during a blackout.

What are the chances a kid arriving home to one of these doors has a trust fund?
Image: Masonite

Paying $6,500 for a front door — before installation — that requires three apps to use (Ring, Yale, and Masonite’s M-Pwr app) may seem like you’re spending a whole lot of money for some potential aggravation, but one thing you’re definitely paying for with the M-Pwr is some style. Most video doorbells look pretty ugly and tacked on to your average home’s front porch, but Masonite’s pricey solution keeps everything looking very sleek and stylish for maximum curb appeal.

You know, for all the rich people that live in those homes that are already much sleeker and more stylish. Personally, I can’t wait for these doors to make it into the world, as I’m looking forward to the first time I find one on @zillowgonewild.

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