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Meaning and Symbolism Behind Colors of Easter

After the winter, we often welcome the colors of spring with open arms. Easter colors, in particular, are often the most pleasing, with decorated Easter eggs, fancy pastel clothes and bouquets of flowers bursting with bright blooms. But aside from just being a welcome splash of different hues on a spring day, did you know there’s a deeper meaning behind some of these Easter colors? It’s not just a coincidence that pink, violet, white and green seem to be everywhere this time of year — there are reasons why these colors were specifically chosen.

A lot of it has to do with tradition, with certain colors of flowers taking on different symbolic meanings, for example. But many of the color choices are tied to liturgical colors, aka the colors in the clothes that priests wear and the banners hanging around the church. The colors of the vestments have meaning throughout the year, but during lent and Easter, representing different aspects of Jesus’s life, death and resurrection. So next time you break out the Easter decorations or start to dunk hard-boiled eggs into their traditional dye colors, keep these Easter color meanings in the back of your mind.

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White is a color that’s often used as symbolic of purity and innocence. But the color also has religious significance as well, which ties into the Easter holiday. It’s the color of the Easter lily, which is said to have grown in the Garden of Gethsemane after Christ’s crucifixion. And in art, white lilies are often associated with the Virgin Mary as a representation of her purity.


Though red isn’t used a lot for decorating during Easter, it still has a huge significance for the holiday: Red is worn on Palm Sunday as a symbol of the blood of Christ and His sacrifice for humanity.


Green is a symbol of eternal life, along with rebirth and renewal. It’s a color and meaning most appropriate for spring, when everything starts blooming again.

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