MediaTek launches Dimensity 9000+ flagship processor

(Pocket-lint) – Following on from Qualcomm‘s example, MediaTek has announced a spec-bumped version of its flagship processor. It’s called the Dimensity 9000+, and adds a more powerful primary core. 

Where the Dimensity 9000 has a 3.05GHz ‘Ultra’ core, the 9000+ model has upped the clock speed to 3.2GHz, and combines this core with three ‘super’ cores and four ‘efficiency’ cores in its 8-core build. 

In combination with the Arm Mali-G710 MC10 graphic processor, the chipset is said to deliver over 5-percent boost in CPU performance and 10-percent increase in GPU performance. In other words, not the kind of difference you’d likely be able to see with your own eye, even if you’re playing the most demanding games. 

Other than that, it’s largely identical to the Mediatek Dimensity 9000 processor that came before it and is undoubtedly being launched to keep up with the competition and ensure it has something on the market that will compete with the likes of Snapdragon’s latest

Of course, it’s not just about CPU and graphics performance, the chipset also enables some high-end camera, display and wireless connectivity performance. 

The ISP enables 320MP cameras, including simltanuous HDR recording from three cameras. It also supports 4K HDR video with noise reduction, even in low light. 

What’s more, it supports QuadHD resolution displays with refresh rates up to 144Hz, or FullHD displays up to 180Hz, meaning it’s primed and ready for any ‘gamer’ phone. 

No phones have been announced with this chipset inside yet, but MediaTek claims the Dimensity 9000+ will be available in smartphones from the third quarter of this year. 

Writing by Cam Bunton.

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