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Merry Christmas, sweet friend.

It’s been a bananas year on this end, with highs and lows and everything in between, and even though it was relatively not as scary as recent times, there were definitely moments when I wondered if it would ever get easier.

But then I think of all the rainbows that I’ve seen, all the hugs I’ve shared with my loved ones, and all the mornings when I woke up and watched the sun rise over the hills and felt like anything was possible.

I’m so grateful for all the moments in this past year that have filled my heart, aka my “emotional cup,” and for the time spent with you here on MBB. Having a few minutes to chat with you about life and beauty and everything in between — it’s one of the best parts of my day.

Thank you for being around and sharing your life with me. You continue to lift me up, day in and day out.

I know the holidays can be hard on hearts sometimes; I’ve felt this way, too, on occasion. So, if you need a little extra kindness poured in your cup today, please know there’s someone on the other end of the keyboard who treasures you. You are worthy, special and cherished.

I hope that your “emotional cup” is filled with love, peace and so much joy this Christmas.

Your friendly neighborhood beauty addict,


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