Motorola cancels its Razr 2022 and X30 Pro launch event

(Pocket-lint) – Motorola has abruptly cancelled a planned launch event where it was widely expected to properly unveil the latest in its Razr line of folding smartphones, as well as the X30 Pro.

The move means that we still don’t have full details of either phone, and there hasn’t exactly been a clear answer as to why the delay has happened.

While the Razr is perhaps the more well-known phone at present thanks to its standout folding nature, the X30 Pro (or Edge 30 Ultra depending on where you are) is also hotly anticipated, with flagship specs expected.

The unveiling of both was scheduled to happen today (2 August 2022), but instead a Weibo post from Chen Jin, general manager at Motorola and Lenovo mobile, has confirmed that the event has been killed off.

In a translated version, all we can learn is that the cancellation has occurred “for some reason”, which isn’t exactly all that illuminating.

Given the profile of both phones, we’d expect that a new event will be scheduled pretty swiftly, but it’s interesting to see long-laid plans torn up like this.

Multiple commentators have noted, however, that the launch was going to take place in China while US House Speaker Nancy Pelosi visits neighbouring Taiwan, with tension over that visit rising in China itself.

Thus the timing might have simply not been right, leading to the delay.

Writing by Max Freeman-Mills.

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