There is no better time to escape our daily routine and take a nature retreat but right now. Nonetheless, the problem is that we city people can’t stay away from the city’s bustles for too long. When such is the case, wouldn’t the ideal situation holds the opportunity for us to enjoy nature but go back to the city later on? After all, who says that only nature offers you an escape. You can only enjoy the different cultures around the world if you soak in the environment of cities. So isn’t it best to have the best of both worlds? If you are still wondering what places offer such an experience, we have made a list for you.

1. Bali, Indonesia 

If you are looking for a magical blend of civilization nestles in the lap of nature. Bali is the perfect choice for you. People have gone as far as to say that it is a piece of Heaven on earth, and we agree. Bali is home to mesmerizing beaches and temples that look straight out of some fantasy. Bali comes top of the list if we could agree upon one place with every type of natural beauty. It has mountains of lush greenery streamed with sparkling lakes and waterfalls along with canyons. There are rice fields and flower gardens wherever you look. Volcanic mountains and rocky cliffs to tickle your fancy. And in the end, an infinite ocean for you to appreciate. Wouldn’t it make Bali the perfect vacation spot?

2. Tennessee 

If you are planning a trip with your family, don’t sleep in Tennessee. Tennessee offers the perfect blend of modernism and nature, two contrasts that complement each other beautifully here. For starters, Tennessee is known for a music heritage so vast that you can’t help but be in awe of it. In Tennessee, Nashville city is known worldwide as “Music City.” It has Museums and Hall of Fame dedicated to this art. Tennessee is the place to go if you want to explore a bit of culture in arts and music.

But don’t think that that is all the state has to offer. As gifted as it is in the cultural aspect, it is also well-gifted with nature—Tennessee homes both the famous Smoky Mountains and the Mississippi River. There are a plethora of caves, canyons, and waterfalls to explore. For the best experience, book Cabins in the Smokies and enjoy your time in taking a much-needed nature retreat. If you get tired of that, cities are just nearby.

3. New Orleans 

New Orleans is one of the best cities to experience the diverse culture of French, American, and African. It is a lively place that you won’t ever forget if you visit it once. New Orleans is best known for its music and eccentricity. You will find friendly people, memorable adventures, and fantastic food. No matter your interests, we can assure you that you can find something to enjoy in New Orleans. So, when a city offers so much, it surely deserves a spot on the travel bucket list.

4. Marrakesh, Morocco

If you love history and arts, then your next spot on the travel list should be Marrakesh. There are many museums, hotels, and art scenes to please you in that city. Marrakesh’s old city brings us back to the times where we feel transported back a thousand years and experience life as it has been for centuries. The local Bazaars will please your aesthetic senses. And urge you to spend all your life savings buying the sweet treats and ornaments the locals have to offer. But save a little money because it is also home to some of the world’s most beautiful hotels. This city offers a traditional experience and comfort at the same time. And if you can appreciate the rustic beauty and busy hustle of the place, you will have the best time in this city. Don’t forget to visit the Museum of African Contemporary Art Al Maaden when you are in the city. It has become the art hub of the place.

5. Maldives: 

If you haven’t heard about the breath-taking beaches of Maldives, then where have you been all your life? The Maldives should be on top of the list of places if you enjoy beaches. It is home to crystalline water, white sand, and excellent resorts. For this reason, Maldives is the best getaway spot to fulfill your dream of tranquility and luxury. The marine life around the Maldives is so well-preserved that you can experience it closer than any other place. So, don’t miss the chance to snorkel and swim around with stingrays, sea turtles, reef sharks, and many more marine animals. Besides, it is the most romantic spot on our bucket list. The resorts in this place are separate enclaves, wholly private and perched on top of their small individual island. You can book private cabins in these resorts to enjoy personal time with your significant other and make memories of this magical place.

6. Paris, France

How can we talk about romantic getaways and not mention Paris? Paris is well-known around Europe as one of the most magical and romantic cities. The city is full of culture and history that will entice you and incredible sights to visit anytime. It is no wonder that Paris has been the source of artistic inspiration for so many musicians, writers, artists, and filmmakers because the enchanting vibes of this city are unmatched. So, when you visit Paris, you cannot forget to visit the Eiffel Tower, Notre Dame Cathedral, Arc de Triomphe, and Louvre Museum. Experience the city’s Gothic architecture and then take a cruise on the Seine to end your evening. Enjoy the cafes of Paris and walk around the city on foot to take in French people’s best culture.


The fantastic thing about making a bucket list is that you don’t have to limit yourself to just one thing, one place. You can include nature retreats and the busiest cities around the world because both are worth a visit. While one connects you with nature and allows you to connect with the earth, the other brings you closer to humans and different world cultures. The cities and states we have mentioned in the list are some of the must-visit places in the world. Though the world is vast and filled with fantastic nature retreats and diverse cultural hubs, it is hard to compile it all in a small list. 

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