New PS5 Reportedly Weighs Less, Costs More

Following a recent price increase overseas last week, Sony released an updated PlayStation 5 with one noticeable difference so far: it weighs less. 

New versions of the Digital and Disc PS5 are available in Australia, according to a Monday report from Press Start. Paperwork for the updated consoles shows the weight is lower by 200 grams for the digital and 300 grams for the disc version. There could be other internal changes that won’t be known until this new PS5 is torn down. 

Sony first released its updated PS5 in Australia this same month last year, with slightly less weight and a new base screw. This means that since its launch in 2020, the digital PS5 has dropped 500 grams and the disc version is down by 600 grams. There were initial concerns last year that the smaller heatsink on the updated console led to it running hotter, but further tests showed that wasn’t the case

Last week, Sony increased the price of the console in markets across the globe, saying the move was a “necessity given the current global economic environment.” The PlayStation maker also revealed a new PS5 customizable controller but didn’t provide details on the price or when it’ll come out. 

It’s unclear if this updated PS5 will be more widely available, as the console has been elusive since its release. Those still searching for a system can check the PS5 tracker

Sony didn’t respond to a request for comment.

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