Nokia updates its Android 11 update timeline

(Pocket-lint) – In February 2021, we wrote that Nokia’s slow update for its flagship Nokia 8.3 handset was sure sign that things weren’t living up to the Android One promise.

At every Nokia launch event, the words “pure, secure and always up to date” have been rolled out, but the reality is somewhat different.

Nokia’s update to Android 11 has been slow and the company has just updated a revised timeline for those updates. Originally issued in October 2020, the new timescale sees some shifting targets.

What’s most interesting about the new figures is that the more advanced phones – Nokia 7.2, Nokia 7.2 and Nokia 9 PureView are the devices being pushed back to Q3 (by which point they will be almost obsolete), while HMD Global appears to be focusing on some of the more affordable end of the spectrum instead.

That’s sees some reshuffling, with some devices moving forward, like the entry-level Nokia 1 and 2 devices. That might be welcomed for those owners, but gives little satisfaction for those who bought into Nokia’s mid-range.

It’s hard, however, to see the roll-out of Android 11 in a positive light. Most other Android brands have been well ahead, including companies like Samsung who has, in previous years, strolled from one Android version in a rather casual manner.

Nokia has previously taken the title for the fastest to update its entire portfolio – and for Android 11, it just seems to have lost its way.

Exactly where that leaves Nokia is hard to see, but we get the feeling that it is focusing on its affordable devices to keep those volume customers happy, while the mid-range devices are perhaps less important for the company moving forward.

Whatever the reason, Nokia seems to have struggled to maintain momentum through 2020 and 2021 and we’re hoping it can find its way back to form.

Writing by Chris Hall.

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