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Our Master Bathroom Shower Is Finished!

Our master bathroom shower is finally finished! The shower has been usable for quite some time now, but there were still little things that needed to be finished. Remember that red strip around the top of the one wall that we’ve had to look at for a very long time now?

Well, the whole thing is now finished with the last row of tile around the top installed, grouted, and caulked.

As I mentioned, I did go ahead and hang a shower curtain in the shower, and I have to admit that I love how it looks. Y’all know how much I love fabric, and look for ways to add fabric to rooms. In bathrooms, shower curtains are one of the main ways to do that.

Obviously, the shower curtains are still too long, but I haven’t had a chance to hem them yet. I used a decorative cotton waffle curtain on the outside, and a polyester fabric liner on the inside. I’m going to hem them so that they’re just above the floor, but not touching the floor. For obvious reasons, I can’t have the shower curtains puddling on the floor of the shower. But I needed to hang them so that I can pin the hems where they need to go.

I love how the shower curtain separates the huge shower into a wet area and a dry area.

And just as I had hoped, the white tile going all the way up to the white ceiling helps that line between the two kind of disappear. This is a very good thing because the wall with the shower head has a dip in it, and every other options I came up with to finish off the top of the wall would have accented that dip. This is the only one that seems to make it disappear. I would even venture to say that most people probably wouldn’t even notice it if I don’t mention it.

All of the tile in the shower is from Home Depot (wall tile and floor tile). All of the plumbing fixtures are Delta Trinsic in the color Champagne Bronze. The little shelf in the niche is one that I made. You can find that project here. The shampoo/conditioner/body wash bottles are from Amazon. And the linear drains are from Amazon as well.

I still can’t believe how well the shower curtain rod (actually, just a curtain rod) matches the fixtures in the shower. It’s like they were made to go together. I found the curtain rod at Bed, Bath & Beyond, and the color is called warm gold. The brackets can be mounted on the wall or the ceiling, and since I didn’t want to drill holes in the tile, I chose to mount mine from the ceiling.

So it’s finally finished! Well, except for hemming those shower curtains. 🙂 But the actual shower itself is finally finished. It’s good to have that crossed off of the to-do list.

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