Peter Madsen, Killer of Kim Wall, Is Sentenced for a Jailbreak

A Copenhagen court on Tuesday handed down a 21-month prison sentence to Peter Madsen, a Danish inventor convicted of murdering the Swedish journalist Kim Wall in 2017, for an attempted escape from jail last year.

Mr. Madsen had already received a life sentence in 2018 for the killing and dismemberment of Ms. Wall aboard his submarine, a gruesome murder that shocked Denmark.

Last October, Mr. Madsen escaped from Herstedvester Prison, on the western outskirts of Copenhagen, an attempt captured in sensational images on live TV. Using a mock gun and wearing a fake explosive belt, he threatened prison staff, and made it about half a mile outside the prison walls before being captured by armed police officers.

At the sentencing on Tuesday at Glostrup City Court, on the outskirts of Copenhagen, Mr. Madsen was also ordered to pay about 20,000 kroner, or about $3,200, to a psychologist whom he threatened to kill during the escape attempt, according to Ekstra Bladet, a Danish tabloid.

Mr. Madsen accepted the outcome, the court said. Local news media present at the sentencing also reported that Mr. Madsen said he had decided to escape because he found the conditions in prison intolerable.

Prisoners who are sentenced to life in prison can be eligible for release on probation after 12 years. The sentencing of Mr. Madsen on Tuesday will probably figure in future considerations for early release.

Ms. Wall, 30, disappeared after boarding Mr. Madsen’s homemade submarine to interview the inventor in August, 2017. Her torso was later discovered on a beach in Copenhagen and Mr. Madsen eventually admitted to dismembering her. He was later charged with Ms. Wall’s murder.

A TV series, “The Investigation,” which fictionalizes the work by the police and detectives on the case, was released last year.

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