Plan your holiday with petra tours while visiting Jerusalem:

Plan your holiday with petra tours while visiting Jerusalem:

The capital of Israel gives you an outstanding view of the plateau in mountains between two seas, the mediterranean sea, and the Dead sea.

Jerusalem is one of the contested cities on earth with a tradition of all major monotheistic faiths.

The one major thing which attracts all the visitors, tourists is its cultural history. It is the heart of the holy land where the first temple was raised by Jews to remain the Ark of the Accord safe. This is the very place where Jesus was crucified and on the other hand, the prophet Muhammad was raised to heaven to accept God’s word. Jerusalem has attracted many pilgrims by its sacred history. Several religious tourist sights mystify visitors. The old lanes of the city reflect the secrets of centuries.

With astonishing sight scenes, with so much to see, multiple things to do, here I am going to share some key points to visit this historic city. 

I can assure you, it would take a full lifetime to explore everything in this beautiful city, you will be amazed to know what Jerusalem offers.

It will be better if you choose a tourist guide on your hand then petra tours would be a better choice for it.

Best places for visit:

Haram al sharif

Haram al-Sharif is a temple followed by the footsteps of centuries of pilgrims. It is lauded by Jews, Christians, and Muslims. This very place is the site of Abraham who is the father of all three monotheistic faiths. It is a place of deep importance for those faiths. The wood plaza above the old city is concentrated around the glittering Dome of the Rock-The iconic landmark of Jerusalem. jews and Muslims believe that beneath the golden dome is the sacred stone where Abraham proffered his son to god as well as Muslims also believe the prophet Muhammad started his journey to heaven.

Location: Take an entry from the western wall plaza, old City.

Western Wall and Jewish Quarter

It is the first temple of Jerusalem. Commonly called the wailing wall for the laments for the dropping of the temple in AD 70. Now it has become the holiest site in Judaism. It carries the Glory of a pilgrimage place for the Jewish from the Ottoman era.

The quarter of old City hastens roughly from Zion gate east to western Wall plaza. In 1948, the Israel-Arab war had destroyed this spectacular part of this plaza but fortunately, it was rebuilt in 1967.

Jerusalem’s archeological park at the southern end is the major highlight of this city. The western wall tunnels also should not be ignored. Jewish quarter Street would be on the bucket list as it is the main lane of the district that veers off this road upon the surrounding side.

Church of the holy sepulcher

It is the holiest site for Christians. It is said that this place is renowned for being the place of the crucifixion of Jesus. Saint Helena the mother of Constantin the great picked the Church during her tour in this holy land. The history of the original church said that it was built in AD 335 and was destroyed by 1009.

This place is recognized as the ending point of Dolorosa. The last five stations are within the church defining the holy sepulcher. Different Christian denominations owned the inside quarter.

Location: Christian quarter, old City.

Armenian quarter

Armenian quarter is followed by the Armenian patriarchate road. St James cathedral, st. Mark’s Chapel is the remarkable place within those narrow lanes, though a small number of visitors are known about This place. According to history, Armenia has been part of Jerusalem. In the Ottoman era after the Armenian massacre, many of them took place in Jerusalem in the early 20th century. This is the most placid space and best for exploring.

Via Dolorosa

Via Dolorosa is the pinnacle sight for Christian visitors. This place follows the path of Christ after his denunciation for bearing his cross towards accomplishment at cavalry. For visitors, there is a piece of good news that they can join the procession along this very route led by Italian Franciscan monks on Friday. The walk starts in the Muslim quarter of Old City via Dolorosa Street Until the Church of the holy sepulcher.


Apart from all this, there are so many sights to explore such as the tower of David, Christian quarter, Muslim quarter, Olivis Mount, Mount Zion, East Jerusalem, central City sites, and so on where you can still explore the essence of tradition, culture, history.

To accomplish your tour in Jerusalem petra tours provides you perfect guidelines.

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