PS5 DualSense Edge Controller to be Released Early Next Year! – Video

Speaker 1: We just got launch details and a price point for Sony’s first ever ultra customizable controller developed by PlayStation, the Dual Sense Edge. This controller has been highly anticipated amongst fans during the two months since it’s reveal, so let’s talk about the new details and how it compares to what’s already available.

Speaker 1: The controller was announced a couple months ago during game com’s opening night live event in Cologne, [00:00:30] Germany. The dual Sense Edge is a pro style controller that offers customizable analog sticks, trigger distance, additional back buttons, and several other features. We’ve now learned that it will be going on sale on January 26th, 2023, with pre-order opening on Tuesday, October 25th at select retailers. However, it sounds like you’ll have the best chance of getting it first. If you order straight from, it will retail for 200 US dollars or 210 pounds. [00:01:00] In addition, the replaceable stick modules will also be available on that same January 26th date for $20 or 20 pounds. Sony has detailed a breakdown of everything you’ll get for your $200 package. Obviously, the controller will be included as well as a braided USB cable for charging a connector housing two standard caps to high dome caps to low dome caps to half dome back buttons to lever back buttons, [00:01:30] and a nice looking white carrying case to store everything together in one neat and tidy package.

Speaker 1: I know what you’re thinking. High Dome, low dome, What is all this? The six included caps are replaceable analog sticks that players can swap in and out depending on preference. The back buttons follow a similar perspective. These buttons allow players to assign different commands to them in order for more actions to be readily available. For example, being able to jump or crouch and aim at the same time without [00:02:00] having to move your right thumb off the stick, The half dome and lever buttons will change the shape and draw distance of these back paddles in order to further play your customization. Being able to swap out these various components allow for a much more personal feeling controller. In addition, if a specific component breaks or wears down, players will be able to replace that single piece instead of having to repair or replace the entire controller itself.

Speaker 1: And that’s just the hardware we’ve talked about within the controller itself. There will be a number of customization [00:02:30] options as well. The Dual Sense Edge will also allow you to fine tune your analog stick sensitivity, including the Dead Zones or the distance. Your analog stick can be moved before it’s recognized in game. The controller will also let you adjust the travel distance of each trigger, a popular feature among first person shooter players since it allows for faster inputs and more frequent shots. Many of these features are pretty standard when you look at the pro controller market. Microsoft’s Xbox Elite Controller is the closest comparison we [00:03:00] have. It features the same trigger analog stick and back button customization options. The Elite series two models, the current generation of hardware retails from between one 50 and $180, and they recently announced a core model that doesn’t come with any of the additional accessories in case you already have extras or you just want the main controller itself, that core Xbox Elite controller retails for $130. But what do you think? Will you be pre-ordering a Dual Sense Edge controller next week [00:03:30] or are elite controllers? Just something you can do without. Let me know in the comments below.

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