Samsung Galaxy S21 FE colours revealed in picture leak, but the

(Pocket-lint) – The Samsung Galaxy S21 FE – fan edition – has seen no shortage of leaks, so we already have a good idea what it’s going to look like.

The latest leak to add to the pile brings a dose of authenticity with it, because it looks like it’s bone fide Samsung marketing material. It shows off the grey, green, white and violet colours we’re expecting, a little more conservative than the big colourful splay that the Galaxy S20 FE offered. 

The grey is likely to be the big seller of this fan edition.

That’s not the end of the rumours, however. Although we’ve seen plenty of evidence suggesting that this will be a Qualcomm Snapdragon 888 device, rumours are pointing to a switch to Exynos. 

The reason, it seems, is the global semiconductor shortage. That’s reportedly behind the decision to push the launch to later in the year – but a switch to Exynos might see this phone fall flat. 

When the Galaxy S20 FE launched, one of the headlines was that it offered Qualcomm Snapdragon hardware globally – no regionalisation like the Galaxy S20 or Galaxy Note, just pure Qualcomm.

That was, of course, true for those people buying the 5G handset – if you wanted the cheaper 4G model, you’d get Exynos. 

For Samsung to step away from one of the big headlines in Fan Edition would go against the very reason it exists. It would just become another Samsung phone and we can’t see that Samsung would so quickly throw that away, as some markets will react badly to it. 

What this might be – and what we’re hoping this will be – is some confusion around two versions, perhaps 4G and 5G again.

While we’ve never had a huge problem with Exynos devices (which is the norm for the UK), it would seem like mixed messaging to launch a Fan Edition that didn’t offer what the fans want.

Current rumours suggest that it’s going to be announced in October, but with a Samsung Unpacked event thought to be happening in August, we might get official confirmation then.

Writing by Chris Hall.

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