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Saturday Surfing, Jan. 16, 2021

Have a glorious day!

Good morning! Guess what…?

We made it! IT’S THE WEEKEND.

Oh, yeah. 😊

OK…so, normally I’m a coffee kinda girl, but lately I’ve been all about tea, like this one from Trader Joe’s. I kid you not, this one is so good. I had it tucked away in my cupboard, buried behind boxes of green tea and decaf green tea, and accidentally noticed it while reorganizing things. The pomegranate gives it a bit of sweetness, and the lemongrass and hibiscus a bit of tart, and it has a good kick to it, too! That white tea, man. It’s surprisingly potent! I feel kinda buzzy and shaky right now, which is probably not the best state to be in whilst painting one’s nails, hahaha!

Oh, well! I’m trying to decide between these three colors by Duri…

What do you think? Help me decide.

duri nail polishes

This week’s reading

I’m seriously, SERIOUSLY thinking about cutting my own hair.

Please save me from myself.

NO, seriously.


Connor asked me if she could take horse riding lessons yesterday, and then we watched this video three times in a row.

I spy Gregory Arlt!


Current theme song

Yes, please.

Blasting this right now.

How are you doing on this lovely day? 😺🌞💐

Your friendly neighborhood beauty addict,


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