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Saturday Surfing, July 24, 2021


OK, team. My calendar, along with all of the marketing people across the beauty-sphere, keep reminding me that National Lipstick Day is FIVE SLEEPS AWAY. I think that’s plenty of time for us to join forces, mount up and put on some face paint this July 29th to celebrate that 1) we’re here and we’re still kickin’, and 2) lipstick is fun and fantastic. 😘

I’m thinking of doing Stila Beso, but only if — AHEM! — I can find it. I stashed it away someplace a few weeks ago, probably in that one “mom purse” I have that’s like a black hole for everything. (I swear I put stuff in there, and it never returns.)

stila beso new winged liner placement
A big chef’s kiss to Stila Beso

Even if I can’t find Beso (BOO), I promise to try my best to wear a color that won’t instantly put you to sleep, ha ha ha! 😹

This week’s reading


I have no idea why, but I just love this so much.

Somebody please make this for me, thanks.

Drop that knowledge, JVN.

So colorful and beautiful

So, what’s the plan for the rest of the weekend (besides hunting for a lipstick to wear on Thursday)? Doing anything fun? I’m going to try to get outside for a bit at some point, maybe for a picnic or a hike. It’s important for the heart and soul (allergies notwithstanding).

Take care and chat soon. 😊

Your friendly neighborhood beauty addict,


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