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Saturday Surfing, June 19, 2021! 🤗

Guys, it is SO HOT! Except for brief excursions outside the house, I hunkered down this week because of the heat. It topped 100 a couple days and was almost that hot yesterday, which for this area, especially for this time of year, is hotter than usual.

To cool down, we spent a little time at the neighborhood pool too, seeing as how Connor and I cannot resist a body of water (we’re both water babies to the core).

I’m hell bent on taking sun protection seriously from now on, so I’ve become the lady who wears a full-on ensemble to the pool. The other day one of Connor’s friend’s curiously looked me up and down before asking if I was wearing a swimsuit underneath my leggings and swim shirt, haha! (The answer was yes.)

For the record, I’m not actually wearing “official” swim leggings, but because necessity is the mother of invention, I repurposed these old Senita workout leggings into swim pants…

The top is made specifically for water wear, though. It’s by Altheta and I love it! It covers my bum and has pockets and thumbholes, so I can cover up my hands, too.

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