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Saturday Surfing, May 15, 2021

I’m wearing two layers of Olive & June Nail Polish in KMC, along with one layer of the Olive & June Top Coat

Hiya, happy Caturday from me and my freshly painted paws. 💅 Turns out that Olive & June Nail Polish in KMC is more of a mint green than a jade green, but I’m not mad at it, because I did this mani without wearing my glasses, so I was as blind as a bat (living on the edge!), and it still turned out OK. Good on you, Olive & June!

You can see the polish again in this pic, along with what will forever be known as “the baguette that crushed my cool French girl dreams…”

baker cook baguette
I love you, bread.

Case in point:

Yesterday I went to a local Sonoma spot called Baker & Cook and ordered a baguette, a lemon bar and a banana muffin. This loaf was in my possession for three whole minutes before I greedily gobbled down the exposed end.


And so, so fresh… I couldn’t help myself.

It was then that I realized I would never be a chic French gal riding around on a bike with a baguette tucked neatly under her arm, because I would eat the bread before even getting on the damn bike, ha ha ha.

I hope you have some really delicious fresh bread this weekend, because let me tell ya, good bread is a revelation.

This week’s reading

Justine Bateman is a rock star.

This was very insightful.

Why am I not in a parking garage dancing with these guys?!


Teach me your ways!

Let’s get organized.

Shake your groove thang.

Note to self

More to add to the list

What’s the plan for the rest of the weekend?

Your friendly neighborhood beauty addict,


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