Save up to $600 on Moto phones this December with these amazing

(Pocket-lint) – Just because Black Friday is gone doesn’t mean you’ve lost all opportunities to save on attractive gadgets! Motorola is offering amazing ongoing discounts on their latest smartphones throughout December in anticipation of the New Year. Whether you want to gift Moto smartphones to your friends and family, or just start the new year with a new phone, now’s the right time to start shopping. Below, we provide an overview of the best December deals on Moto phones.

Razr (2020) offers the best deal — save $600

Motorola is offering the best deal available on their Moto Razr (2020), known for its iconic flippable design with 5G network compatibility. If you miss the days of flip phones while still appreciating the conveniences of modern smartphones, Razr is the right choice for you. It features a 6.7-inch OLED display and a 2.7-inch quick view display on top, marrying the best of both worlds. Razr (2020) is originally priced at $1,399.99, but it’s currently available for only $799.99.

Motorola Edge offers an immersive display — save $300

Motorola Edge is known for having an extremely immersive display, one of the first of its kind. It features a 6.8-inch OLED display that wraps around the sides of the phone, making it seem like the phone doesn’t have edges. The display blends into the sides, providing an endless visual experience. It also features three stellar cameras, including a 108MP rear camera, macro vision, depth camera, an ultra-wide lens, and a 32MP front camera. Originally priced at $699.99, you can now get this phone for only $599.99.

Moto G Stylus offers an inbuilt stylus — save $100

Moto G Stylus is the ideal smartphone for those who prefer taking instant notes or doodling. It comes with an inbuilt stylus that allows you to express yourself instantly. You can create, design, and edit notes and graphics using the stylus. Furthermore, the moment you retrieve the stylus, your favourite notes apps automatically open up. Besides note-taking, this smartphone also features excellent cameras, including a 48MP lens, macro vision, 117-degree ultra-wide lens, and laser autofocus. You can now save $100 on this smartphone.

Moto G Power offers up to 3 days of power — save $70

Moto G Power is the perfect smartphone for those who prefer extremely long-lasting battery life. This smartphone offers up to 3 days of battery, which includes around 20 hours of videos, 17 hours of browsing websites, 19 hours of social media usage, and more. Furthermore, charging this smartphone for a few minutes gives you hours of additional usage, making it the ideal choice for frequent flyers and travellers. This smartphone was originally priced at $249.99, but it’s now available at only $179.99.

Moto G Fast offers an ultra-fast experience — save $30

Moto G Fast is the perfect Moto smartphone for those seeking an ultra-fast, ultra-smooth, and ultra-responsive experience. It features the powerful Qualcomm Snapdragon 665 octa-core processor with 3GB of RAM, which is enough to power even the most intensive apps without lags. This phone also features the innovative “Moto Experiences” feature, which allows you to control the phone with your natural gestures, making the entire experience intuitive. Moto G Fast originally costs $199.99, but it’s now available for only $169.99.

Other attractive December deals on Moto phones:

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