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Secret To Maintain Iron Level In Body Is An Iron Kadhai – Celeb Nutritionist Rujuta Diwekar Reveals

Cooking in iron utensils have other health benefits too.


  • Iron is an important nutrient for overall benefit.
  • Iron-rich food important for maintaining body’s hemoglobin level.
  • Cooking in iron cookware helps maintain body’s iron level too.

We all are well aware of the importance of iron in our body. It is one crucial nutrient that helps develop cells, promote healthy skin, hair and overall immunity. Deficiency of iron may lead to dizziness, fatigue, sleep apnea and more. Hence, health experts always suggest maintaining haemoglobin level to keep up good health. Iron-rich foods (like poultry, seafood and various fruits and vegetables) play a significant role in maintaining the body’s iron level. And we know quite a lot about that. But did you know that even the cookware you prepare your food in has a major role to play? Yes, you read it right!

Celebrity nutritionist Rujuta Diwekar recently took to Instagram and shared a video highlighting the importance of iron tawa, kadhai and karchi (ladle) to maintain the body’s haemoglobin level. Iron utensils have been a part of the Indian kitchen setup for ages. Over the years, we shifted our focus to aluminium, stainless steel and non-stick utensils. But it seems like it’s time to get back to the roots.

Why You Must Cook In Iron Cookware | Health Benefits Of Cooking In Iron Utensils:

As per Rujuta Diwekar, “Hemoglobin (Hb) is involved in multiple functions in our body but most importantly it binds to oxygen, makes oxy-Hb and that’s how oxygen reaches our body and brain. To get the most out of exercise, to burn fat and even to think right, you need oxygen to the brain and body. Low Hb levels are often seen in people with mental health issues too. What you can do is rather simple; start using an iron tava, kadhai and karchi. Together, they add small amounts of iron to the food you are eating and ensure that you do not fall short on this very important micronutrient.”


She further stated that these utensils can be beneficial for people with issues like irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) and sleep apnea. It is also said to have a positive effect on the ones undergoing IVF (in-vitro fertilization) and chemotherapy.

Here’s How To Use Iron Utensils | Do’s and Dont’s:

Iron Kadhai –

You can cook almost every kind of food in an iron kadhai. Just remember always avoid using this utensil to prepare food that needs any kind of khataas (sour element).

Iron Tawa –

You may use iron tawa to make all rotis, parathas and dosas. Alongside, the health benefits, iron tawa also add an earthy flavour to the food.

Karchi –

Use iron ladle for cooking food in any kind of utensils. Here too, avoid using this karchi in foods that require khataas.

Click here for the complete video:

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Alongside the video, Rujuta also shared a post replying to some frequently asked questions regarding iron cookware. Let’s find out:

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