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Skeleton Face Paint Tutorial for Halloween 2021 — Pretty Skeleton Makeup Easy

What to do when it’s a few nights before Halloween and you still haven’t decided on what your costume will be this year? This frightful night only comes around once a year so don’t settle just because you are short on time. So, here we are sharing a 10-minute video tutorial by YouTuber Kait Nichole which walks you through step by step on how to do an easy skeleton face paint. It’s quick and you only need two supplies: a brush set and face paint pallete.

In this video, you will learn how to take your bare face and completely transform it to a ghostly, floating skeleton head — yikes! Even if you have never tried to do Halloween face makeup before, this one is definitely doable

Once you have your floating skeleton face paint ready, all you need to do is find your outfit which can be dark clothing to make your makeup pop! On Halloween, you can be whoever you want to be and have fun exploring fun looks. However, if skeleton face paint isn’t for you, there are tons of easy DIY costumes that you can put together last minute.


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Step 1: Paint your face white.

To get that ghostly look, take white face paint and a foundation brush, and put it all over your face. For the half-skull effect, paint along your eye sockets. And drag your brush to cover everything (yes, even your lips!) from the nose down. You’ll need to layer on as many times as you need to, especially on your lips.

Step 2: Use a detail brush to draw black accents for your nose and mouth.

Map out the nose-skull look, advises Kait. To achieve a result that’s somewhere in between cartoonish and realistic, she draws that negative space in her nose and lines that curve up from the outside of her mouth. Once you’ve done that, add more black paint to the center of your lips and follow up with black dips underneath your eyes.

Step 3: Make symmetrical black lines on the sides of your face.

Think of a raindrop shape when you draw these lines, says Kait Nichole, as well as where there would be a break or hole in the natural jawline, then color it in with your black paint. This should start to look like the teeth-filled mouth of a skeleton.

Step 4: Draw your teeth from cheek to cheek.

Now that you’ve established that jaw shape, use the smallest brush you have to create thin vertical lines where your teeth should go. As you go outward, make the lines a bit longer to mimic the appearance of your larger molars.

Step 5: Create triangles connecting your teeth to your lips.

These give a spookier, more realistic look to your skeleton face paint. To continue adding more dimension, “feather” your teeth marks by drawing light strokes. Continue to feather upwards into irregular lines to give the appearances of cracks in the skull. Smudge each tooth line for an even darker skeletal effect, and then include more shadows to round out your look.

Your final job is to check yourself out in the mirror and relish the fact that you fearlessly recreated this terrifying Halloween face paint idea. We’re proud of you and your floating head, Skeleton!

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