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Spring Shoe Trends at DSW: Adventures in Platform Sandals

I glanced at my feet yesterday, which was the first time I’d paid attention to them in ages, and two thoughts came to mind…

  • Yay! Sandal season is coming.
  • BOO! Sandal season in coming. (Note to self: buy a tube of exfoliating foot cream ASAP.
  • Warm weather is right around the corner, which means that it’s time to free the feet, so, because I like to be prepared (and, also, because I don’t own any flat sandals that are comfortable), my number one sidekick/sous chef and I went to DSW yesterday.

    Guess what? They have quite a few options for ladies who can’t wait to liberate their toes from the suffocating oppression of socks.

    I went in specifically looking for options that aren’t sky-high heels, and I was blown away by all of the choices this season.


    Flat sandals with a platform base, in particular, are having a moment, and I’m here for it 100%. I love the idea of combining the comfort of flats with an extra couple inches of height.

    First big trend: flat platform sandals with a cork base

    This trend is a little like your traditional cork wedge heel, but with a flatter base. I noticed plenty of neutral colors (black, tan, white and beige) and single thick straps around the ankles, often with a Velcro closure.

    dsw spring 2021 black adrienne vittadini platforms

    dsw spring 2021 black franco sarto platforms

    dsw spring 2021 tan clarks wedges

    dsw spring 2021 gold ann klein platforms

    dsw spring 2021 black white crown vintage sanadls

    dsw spring 2021 dark brown franco sarto platform sandals

    I debated for a long time whether to take these Franco Sarto sandals home, because I liked the warmth of the darker tan color and the detailing on the base. They were pretty comfortable too, but I could feel the ankle strap ever-so-slightly rubbing against my skin…

    While I love the white base, it’s going to be hard to keep clean.

    I’m CRAZY picky when it comes to shoes now (one of the unexpected side effects of the pandemic!), and if a shoe is even just a touch “off” from the get-go, I know I’m not going to wear them.

    So, even though I liked them in theory, I didn’t bring them home.

    dsw spring 2021 dark tan franco sarto platforms k mirror
    These were kinda cute.

    My Sous Chef also wasn’t a fan…

    sous chef says no
    Sous Chef says, “No thank you!”

    Second big trend: espadrille flat platform sandals

    I saw a lot of these espadrille flats with a platform base too.

    dsw spring 2021 tan kelly katie platforms

    dsw spring 2021 tan kelly katy espadrille platforms

    dsw spring 2021 black kelly katie platforms

    dsw spring 2021 black marc fisher platforms

    Some of the espadrilles also had the same white base I saw from the Franco Sarto pair I tried on. Again, love this in theory, but dang… I’m going to get those dirty in a hot second. Too hard to keep tidy. 🙁

    dsw spring 2021 olive black crown vintage platforms

    dsw spring 2021 tan dr scholls platforms

    dsw spring 2021 black tan dolce vita platforms

    dsw spring 2021 navy blue franco sarto platform sandals

    dsw spring 2021 tan adrienne vittadini platforms

    dsw spring 2021 white franco sarto platform sandals

    When Crocs move you…

    I’ve never in my life been a Crocs person, but I was kinda moved by these platforms. They look a little inexpensive when you see them just sitting there because of the material, but they look higher end on your feet.

    I tried on the taupe and liked how they looked and felt, but I didn’t pull the trigger! Now I’m thinking about the black and beige pair because I could wear them with so many things, and they actually looked quite chic.

    dsw spring 2021 beige croc platforms

    dsw spring 2021 black tancroc platforms

    dsw spring 2021 taupe croc platforms with sous chef
    Sous Chef is not impressed.

    I’m still on the fence…

    Anywho, I’m going to keep looking, and I’ll let you know if I find anything good!

    Pet store visits

    We’ve been going to Petco every day this week because Connor recently made a guinea pig friend.

    coycoy peachy
    Our daily visit to the pet store to visit Peachy the guinea pig

    Connor is a little obsessed with a tan and white female guinea pig currently residing there named “Peaches.” I keep telling Connor that one day we’re going to go in and Peaches will be gone, because she’ll have found her forever home… I think Connor is not-so-secretly hoping we’ll adopt her.


    I would love to add Peaches to our family, but I’m afraid that Rosie would torture the poor thing! I would hate for Peaches to live her life in fear, ya know?

    Does anyone have experience with guinea pigs cohabitating with cats? Can they live together?

    Your friendly neighborhood beauty addict,


    P.S. TGIF!

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