Step Down, Neutrals! How Color Is Making a Comeback for Summer 2022

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Love ’em or hate ’em, neutrals are a mainstay for a reason: they’re safe. But we’ve been in a beige cycle for a good ten years now and we’re ready for a change. Whether you’re a fashionista trying to predict the next hot trend, a jewelry designer looking to create new types of bracelets, or just someone trying to decide what to wear tonight, know this: the fad of fifty shades has finally run its course. Keep reading to find out which colors are making a comeback in summer 2022.

While jewelry trends have gone nostalgic (think classics like pearl hoop earrings), apparel has been moving full-steam ahead with bright, energetic pigments. Add to that, summer is always a time for people to take more risks with color. So what’s hot for 2022? Top color picks for this summer include blood orange, fiery fuchsia, kiwi green, and not-so-mellow yellow. In short, the bolder, the better.

The trend away from gray is partially due to the amount of time we’ve spent at home over the last few years. We want something different, and brighter, to look at. We’re also feeling a sense of optimism as we emerge from the pandemic, and are showing our happiness via more cheerful tones.

That said, every color has its place in your palette. The key is knowing how to use it. Head-to-toe of anything can get dull, as in the case for neutrals like grey or khaki. Or it can go the other way and become oppressive, as it happens with colors like neon orange or pink. When it comes to selecting your ensemble, you are the ultimate judge and you get to decide. Feel free to go monochromatic, or to mix your brights with a neutral, which will produce the effect of drawing attention to your statement piece. Another never-fail option with summerwear is pastels. Here again, you may opt to coordinate tones, such as mixing cotton candy pink with fuchsia, or to select a complementary hue, such as lavender with yellow to show off your style.

You say, “Wait a minute. I love my beige!” Never fear, this new trend toward brighter colors is not the death knell for taupe. Neutrals will continue to be a popular choice, particularly in a supporting role as they provide a clean backdrop which allows bolder hues to pop. No, neutrals aren’t going anywhere. Because there will always a need for a safe color that coordinates with everything, neutrals will remain a mainstay. But as for gray itself, it is definitely moving out of the spotlight. 

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