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Sundays With Tabs the Cat, Makeup and Beauty Blog Mascot, Vol. 653

Over the years, when Tabs was actually home on an Easter and not out galivanting around the world at some exotic locale for a kitty modeling shoot, he hosted Easter egg hunts at home for the local kittens and children. Yup, despite his diva nature, he was all heart.

Wait — I take that back. He got a little touchy one year when the Easter Bunny tried to show him up. (You know how Tabs loved to hog the spotlight.)

It was the year Ryan Gosling dressed up as the Easter Bunny and performed skits and played songs on an accordion. Because Tabs was a consummate professional, he didn’t let on that he was jealous, but I could tell. There was something about his eyes and the way his whiskers moved… He was bothered.

Rosie says, “Hoppy Easter.”

Rosie was all business on her Easter egg hunt today. She used a grid and programmed some software to systematically plot out which areas of the circle would have the highest statistical chance of containing eggs.

It worked really well.

Now she’s thinking about turning it into an app for cats and children, because that’s where she sees dollar signs, and she’s currently learning Python to make this dream come true.

Yeah, she’s not the type of scientist who just sits somewhere and casually ponders. She’s definitely a go-getter. She borrowed one of Connor’s programming books and plans to have a prototype ready to test soon. 😊

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