T-Mobile execs miss the Galaxy Note as much as you do

In the shadow of the iPhone 13, and an aggressive new “Forever Upgrade” plan to sell them, T-Mobile executives are complaining about Samsung’s phones, Fierce Wireless reports. Specifically, the lack of them.

“Samsung has really fallen behind the eight ball relative to other OEMs on the global supply chain issue,” T-Mobile chief financial officer and executive vice president Peter Osvaldik said at an BofA Securities investor event on Tuesday. The issue seems to be that a majority of T-Mobile’s customers are “very significant Samsung lovers,” according Osvaldik, and that Samsung “discontinuing” the Galaxy Note — which “customers just loved” — and a shorter supply of S-series phones have had an impact on the carrier.

Despite what Osvaldik said, Samsung has not yet officially discontinued the Note, so far skipping a 2021 version in favor of adding S Pen support into the Galaxy S21 Ultra and the Galaxy Z Fold 3. I’m not sure if Osvaldik is revealing some secret decision Samsung has made based on his comments, but we’ve contacted Samsung to find out.

It’s possible in the effort to make foldables mainstream, Samsung has decided to ignore the positives of the Note, but the company has also been affected by the global semiconductor shortage, just like everyone else. Samsung was reportedly considering halting production of the Galaxy S21 Fan Edition (FE) in June, and was also rumored to be running into chip issues with its lower budget A-series phones. In general, it’s hard to release multiple flagship phones, even in a normal year.

T-Mobile’s comments are a testament to Samsung’s reach, though, and taking Osvaldik at face value, maybe also further confirmation that the Note should stick around.

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